Liam Neeson’s 5 Habits to Stay Strong at 70

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    Liam Neeson turned no less than 70 years old last July and how he celebrated it: premiering a new action movie in theaters around the world. ‘The murderer’s memory’ tells the story of a hitman who wants to retire but they won’t let him. Liam Neeson is of retirement age, without a doubt, but he lives what is one of his best moments in the film industry, curiously in action movies, for which he has had to change his sports and eating habits. the. At age 70, Liam Neeson’s training and diet they seek to maintain that character of “grandfather who gives mamporros” that is giving him so much revenue.

    Oskar Schindler, Michael Collins or Alfred Kinsey are some of the characters that led Liam Neeson to be considered one of the best film performers, an actor who was always in the pools for nominations for the big prizes and who climbed the cache of any film in which he appeared.

    But ‘Revenge’ (2008) changed everything. At that time, Liam Neeson was 55 years old and wanted to feel the adrenaline in the cinema again. This is how Neeson himself told EW in 2020:

    “We made the first ‘Revenge’ 13 years ago and I was just 55 when we finished it. My dear late wife and I were at a festival in Shanghai because she was presenting a film and Luc Besson was on the jury. I had read the script for ‘Revenge’ and walked up to him to say, “Look, I’m sure I’m nowhere near your cast list for this, but I used to be a boxer, I love doing the fight scenes, and I’ve done some witchcraft movies with swords and those shits. Please think of me for this.” When push came to shove it was offered to me and I obviously felt like a kid in a toy store doing it, dealing with these stunt guys and working through the action scenes and weapons training. charm”.

    Having said that, not even Neeson himself was very clear that an old man giving thumps in the cinema was going to be a blockbuster… rather he saw the film as entertainment:

    “I’ve said it before and I don’t want to offend Robert Kamen, our writer and friend of mine, but I thought, ‘Well, this is going straight to video. A little European thriller that might do well for a couple of weeks in France and then go straight to video.” But it did well in France and then it went straight to South Korea where it did very well too. One day I was on a call with my nephews from Ireland and they said (puts on a stoned voice) “Um, Uncle Liam, we saw your movie.” I said, “Which one?” and they replied “Um, ‘Revenge'”. I was like, “What do you mean? You couldn’t do it seen,” and they were like, “Well, we downloaded it from South Korea.” I told them, “You can’t do that! What are you talking about?” So I thought, “My nephews are breaking the law,” which made me really pissed off and also made me think, “Okay, that’s it, if you can download it, it’s over.” But Fox got hold of it and they were really smart to make a good trailer and play it during various sporting events around the country, which made it a huge hit. I remember the first weekend it went to number 3, the next to 2 and then to 1. Then it went down to 4 and went back up to 3. It had an extraordinary cycle. That’s how it started, and then there were plans for a second and of course a third. It was luck, and you need some luck in this business.”

    After ‘Revenge’ came ‘Revenge: Istambul Connection’ and ‘V3nganza’, as well as a good list of action movies that place him as one of the big names in the genre. Yes, at his age of 70 years. With 90 kilos and 190 tall. Despite the fact that he suffers from pain… but with a series of training and nutrition secrets that can inspire you to be strong at any age.

    Liam Neeson’s 3 workout tricks at age 70

    1- Simplicity is success

            Liam Neeson doesn’t do extreme workouts or follow a trend-setting fitness regimen, he prefers a no-frills approach to fitness. His background as a boxer gives him a certain muscular base, which is why he prefers a basic exercise routine where he combines strength and cardio.

            2- An action hero always needs to run

            What would action movies be without a good chase? In Liam Neeson’s training program, the cardio part is closely linked to running. The actor typically completes an 8-mile loop, often with a training partner to make it a little more fun. This allows her to increase his stamina and his ability to withstand the tough rides he faces.

            3- Strength training with body weight

            To be strong you don’t need to go to the most equipped gym in the world or have your garage full of weight machines. Your own body weight may be all you need to lift for your muscles to be stimulated. This is also what Liam Neeson believes, who establishes his exercise routine taking into account his body weight and adding, in certain cases, small weights that help him boost it. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats… these are best bodyweight exercises to gain muscle. In this way, he can exercise wherever he is, without having to sign up for a gym or personal trainer, which for an actor with his workload is essential.

            Liam Neeson’s 2 Diet Tricks to Stay Strong at 70

            1- Less carbohydrates, more protein

            Liam Neeson had always been an accomplished athlete, but from the age of 50 he realized that he needed to cut down on carbs and stick to protein to maintain his physique. Liam Neeson always tries to put the higher protein foods in your diet, as well as a good portion of greens and fresh vegetables. When he travels for work, Liam follows his healthy diet regimen.

            2- A coffee? decaf please

            Liam Neeson acknowledged a few months ago in an interview with the British radio station Radio 5 that he had lived through hell due to an illness: “I had small pains in my leg and cramps in the middle of the night,” said the actor. “A friend of mine set me up with a therapist who massages Broadway dancers. The pain brought me to tears, it was agony as he got rid of the lactic acid crystals in my leg.” Neeson investigated further and discovered that one of the products in his diet was increasing his pain. In a conversation with the therapist he admitted that he drank a lot of coffee. “He told me that the problem could be lessened if he switched to decaf,” said the actor. “And the cramps are 90% gone,” the septuagenarian actor acknowledged.

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