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List of recordings for today, Friday, August 12, 2022, of the Prensa Latina Radio Service (PLRadio), which you can request through and by phone: 7838 3494, 7838 3508 and blackboard 7838 3496 to 99 and 7838 3500 to 03, from Havana.

* Daily News

* Live from Cuba

* Latin American overview

* Arrow

* Facts and events in the United States

* Sport up to date

* Scientific overview

They also appear in the programming from the scene:

* Recommended by the editor: Solidarity friends express support after fire in Cuba By Nara Romero from Havana

* World Orbit: Millionaire losses due to Israeli attacks against Syrian aviation By Fady Marouf from Damascus.

* Correspondents: Uzbekistan and Ukraine champions in Chess Olympiad in India. By Alfredo Boada from New Delhi.

* Specials: NOTICARIBE

* SCANNER: Costa Rica at war against hackers. By Nara María Romero from Havana

* Exclusives:

Syria urges UN to contribute more to early recovery. By Fady Marouf from Damascus.

They denounce lack of impartiality of Argentine judges and prosecutors By Glenda Arcia, from Buenos Aires

In the Dominican Republic they reject United States interference in China’s internal affairs. By Edilberto Méndez from Santo Domingo. Panamanian journalist highlights the scope of the Cuban Revolution. By Mario Garrido from Panama City

We also offer the following thematic programs:

*Women’s World: Vice President of Colombia spoke with the director of UN Women. Bolivian women extend solidarity to Cuba in the face of the fire. Marilyn Monroe stars in the summer plot of Cinemateca de Cuba

*Traveling the world: The Trulli of Alberobello, a World Heritage Site

*Literary Showcase: Journalism and cultural management will focus literary fair in Mexico. Bookstore in Cuba will remember the foundation of the Nueva Trova Movement

*Behind the Celluloid: Renowned Australian actress Olivia Newton-John passed away in the United States. Japanese cinematography will star in festival in Cuba

Weekly summaries also appear on our website:

* Cultural and scientific overview

* Sport seven days

* weekly economy

* In three minutes

* Cuba is not alone

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