LLYC earned €3.84 million in the first half, 25% more

LLYC has achieved total revenues of 43.6 million euros in the first half of the year, as already advanced last July. This figure represents an increase of 70% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Regarding operating revenues (the totals minus the rebilling of customer services), they reached 35.6 million euros, 53% more. Recurring EBITDA (gross operating profit) improved by 32%, to 8.1 million euros.

Now, the data that has been released today is consolidated net profit, which grew by 25.1% and stood at 3.84 million eurosaccording to the already audited results sent to BME Growth.

In this way, the signature meets the objectives set in its strategic plan and the business figures are already well above those obtained before the pandemic.

The figures for the first half reveal a balanced balance between the three main business units. Until June, Europe contributed 35% of operating income and 44% of EBITDA; Americas, 33% and 34%, respectively. The rest, 32% and 22%, came from Deep Digital Business, the area that integrates all the service lines and artificial intelligence, digital transformation and inbound marketing solutions of the firm.

By region, Europe contributes 45% of operating income and 52% of EBITDA in the first half of the year; Northern Region (Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic, 24% and 15%, respectively; Andean Region (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador), 14% and 20%; Southern Region (Brazil, Argentina and Chile), 10% and 7% , and the United States, 6% of operating income and 7% of EBITDA.

Impact of acquisitions

The acquisitions made by LLYC last year already have a clear impact on the 2022 accounts. Until June, Apache Digital and CHINA have accounted for 19% of Europe’s revenue. BESO has contributed almost half, 49%, of the turnover of the North Region (Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic).

If we break down revenue growth, 11.4 million euros are inorganic (come from the companies acquired in 2021), 5.6 million are from organic growth and one million euros is the result of the positive effect of foreign exchange.

The growth of the results of the first half is in line with the objectives for 2022 approved by the board of directors of LLYC. The budget contains a increase in total revenue of 35%, to 84.7 million euros. The operations would amount to 66.2 million euros, 24% more. Recurring EBITDA would increase by 25%, to 15.9 million euros.

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