Logitech keyboard to not disturb the office

In the market we can find different types of mechanical keyboards to play and work. This one from Logitech is focused on gaming although it can be used perfectly for any other activity, even for long working hours. As we will see below, this is a quality keyboard.

Engineered for performance and out of the way

We are talking about a mechanical keyboard designed to obtain high performance, providing us with great speed and responsiveness. It is manufactured in aluminum alloy 5052 that gives us rigidity and an attractive appearance in the most compact way ‎(44.5 x 13.2 x 3.43 cm) and very elegant.

At the time of writing, he highlights his Romeger-G mechanical switch, which is designed to offer professional and long-lasting performance. It doesn’t matter how many hours we use it, because it will respond like the first day, and silently. It will ensure that we have a great sensation of smoothness and fluidity every time we use it.

The keyboard has a backlight precise and sharp across your key surface so they are always visible. Through its function keys (FN) we will be able to control various options such as volume control, silence, activate or deactivate the lighting, as well as play and pause. We can regulate the intensity of the lighting in several steps from the keyboard itself without the need for specific software

It also has a 26-key rollover so that we can press multiple keys simultaneously and get the desired response without ghosting. We are going to be able to connect it to our computer through its USB connection through its own input to achieve 100% power and data speed.

Logitech G413 backlit

Through the use of your Logitech Gaming software, we may configure custom features and programmable macros by using the F1-F12 keys. It is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft operating system, from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Buy the Logitech G413 with a 35% discount

Whether we are looking for a mechanical keyboard to play or to work more comfortably, the Logitech G413 can be a perfect option. Both for its design, quality of materials, programmable macros and its Romger-G mechanical switch, make it a sure satisfaction option. And the best of all? Well, we will find it in its price. This amounts to €109, because it is not in vain that we speak of a professional tool. But now, in PcComponents we will be able to buy it with a great discount of 35%, for only €69.99thereby saving us €39.

In addition, we have a 3-year guarantee from one of the most popular Spanish electronics and computer websites. With it, they guarantee us the replacement or reimbursement within 25 hours of those products that may be defective, so that we can buy with complete peace of mind.

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