LucasArts flirts with the return of a beloved saga now that Monkey Island has been a success

In the late 1980s and 1990s, the genre of choice for many PC gamers was graphic adventures. A genre that dominated the best-seller lists for years due to its approach to accessible, fun and “easy to program” stories for the hardware of the time. Monkey Island is just another of the impressive licenses of the old LucasArts, but Maniac Mansion He won the hearts of many and could return in the future.

It has been Craig Derrick, executive producer of Lucasfilm Games who has thrown the stone and hidden his hand on Twitter anticipating being very excited about the Return to Monkey Island reception. This would not be unusual, after all we are talking about the company that saw the birth of Ron Gilbetr’s work, but Derrick has continued to add fuel to the fire by stating in Twitter that “I’ll be waiting when it’s time to BACK TO THE MANSION!”.

Little doubt remains about the reference to Maniac Mansion, one of the masterpieces of the now “defunct” LucasArts and Ron Gilbert as director and chief designer. Of course, there is nothing confirmed by a study that has revived Day of the Tentacles either Grim Fandango since 2014, but conjectures and the desire to revisit a 80’s classic has made many assume this future development.

It should be noted that the recent situation of Lucasfilms Games is strange. LucasArtsthe original company, closed in 2013 with Walt Disney Studios’ purchase of the licenses and rights thereto. The team continued to work under the Lucasfilm Games name until 2017 when it consolidated as a studio in search of new histories and that has produced games like Star Wars: Squadrons either Jedi Fallen Order.

Therefore, the Maniac Mansion license may no longer be in the hands of Walt Disney like Monkey Island, although it was part of the purchase agreements in 2012. Be that as it may, it only remains to wait for the reception of the players in terms of opinions to translate into good numbers to be able to see, again, names like Maniac Mansion among the most important releases 30 years later.

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