Luis Díaz receives more praise from ex-soccer player Michael Owen: he describes him as brilliant | Colombians Abroad

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The former English soccer player who wore the shirts of Manchester United and Real Madridis legend in Liverpool and who also played three World Cups with his country’s team, does not stop praising the Colombian attacker Louis Diaz.

Months ago, Michael Owen called Diaz a “brave” player and compared him to a lion; now his recognition for the talented player went further and he assured that he was destined to play with the ‘Reds’. He is happy to see him shine in the jersey of his former team.

In the middle of an interview with DAZN, Owen mentioned that Diaz came to Jurgen Klopp’s team and has been “just brilliant”. He stressed that from ‘Lucho’s’ first games in Liverpool he knew that he was made to play there. “It seems like he was meant to be in that red shirt. The first time he played, I thought, wow, that red shirt looks good on you!”

The former English soccer player spoke directly to the end of the Colombia selection telling him that he has magic. “The way you play, the way you get up and shut people down. You’re a team player and you also have magic when you get the ball.”

Finally, Michael referred to the departure of Sadio Mané to Bayern Munich, but he was not worried. “It’s still a very, very good line-up. Losing Mané is an inevitable blow but this is what happens in football.”


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