Luka Romero does not find minutes in Lazio

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Luka Romero is and will be the history of Spanish football. He debuted in the First Division at the age of 15 years and 219 days with the Mallorca shirt and against, no less, than Real Madrid, thus becoming the earliest footballer to do so. A record that until that moment was held by Francisco Bao Rodríguez, Sansón. Luka Romero, born in Mexico, chose to wear the colors of Argentina, although Spain also tempted him. The descent of Mallorca to Second Division did not open the range of minutes that he expected and in the summer of 2021 I was packing for Italy. Lazio was the destiny of the future crack. The right winger has not set any deadlines but his stage in Italian football has not just taken off.

A little over two years have passed since this premiere in style and Luka Romero has lost track of Spanish football. Last season he played just 76 minutes spread over 8 Serie A games. Romero accused the change to a more physical league than the Spanish one, and despite his great talent, his physique, still in training, has suffered in a competition as rough as the Italian. This season nothing has changed in the playing time that coach Sarri offers the Argentine. He has hardly had any chances. Zero appearances in the league, and only 14 minutes in the Europa League in the heavy defeat against Midtjylland (5-1). Despite the fact that the coach spoke wonders about Luka Romero when he arrived: “I have never seen a 16-year-old footballer with such quality and determination.”

Little productivity for a footballer who needs to play so as not to cut his progression, when he is about to turn 18. A quality that has been valued by Scaloni, the Argentine coach, who summoned the attacker in a wide pre-list in the qualifiers for the World Cup. In addition, Luka Romero is a fixture in the Sub-20 that Mascherano directs. In Italy they are already wondering how long Romero will last without playing minutes. This winter market would be a good time to look for a solution, there are even Spanish teams interested in having their services. Lazio does not deny that Luka Romero has outside opportunities since the footballer ends his contract this coming summer and they want to see him in action before making decisions, and Luka needs to play.

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