Madonna and the wardrobe mishap that almost ruined her career

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    More than four decades ago madonna He has been successful in the music industry. Throughout all this time, the queen of pop has given us songs that we all know like ‘Vogue’ or ‘Like a Virgin’, ‘momentazos’ like the kiss with Britney Spearsbut also has confessed to regret having rejected two projects and now he has admitted that could have ruined his art careeristic for a mishap with the costumes in one of his performances.

    Madonna went to Jimmy Fallon’s show to promote her new album ‘Finally Enough Love’, a compilation of the queen of pop’s greatest hits. In the interview, the 63-year-old singer recalled a mishap she had in the 1980s, specifically during the performance of the first MTV VMA awards in 1984. “I don’t know why they chose ‘Like a Virgin’ because I thought it was quite a controversial topic,” said the celebrity, who went on to say that “what was controversial was not the song itself, but my performance at the MTV awards”. But what happened?

    The singer was wearing a dress and stilettos and when she went to perform the hit song, Madonna explained that she went down some very steep stairs and when she reached the end she started dancing when one of her heels came off and when she went to catch it she moved so that her dress exposed her butt. “It wasn’t even the whole butt! It was like a butt cheek, like half a butt cheek,” the singer said. At the end of the performance she Madonna she remembered that his manager told him that his “career was over”.

    madonna mishap during a performance

    Madonna at the MTV VMAs in 1984

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    “Those were days when you shouldn’t show your butt to have a career. Now it’s the opposite,” joked the ‘celebrity’. In fact at the 2021 MTV awards, The singer showed off her ass in a tight leather bodysuit. Fortunately, Madonna’s career continued and it seems that it will do so for a few more years.

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