Madonna, to debate for being young at 64 and mounting it with another woman- Uppers

  • Should a woman appear young, twerking and making out with another woman, besides 26 years old, in front of a figure of the baby Jesus?

  • Others are delighted with the way of living of the ‘True Blue’ artist: “My respects to the ‘Queen of Pop’ who always understood everything”

  • Some followers are very indignant with the singer of ‘La isla bonita’: “Madonna really hates older people”

Madonna has always been characterized by her free and youthful spirit. In less than 24 hours she has managed to divide public opinion with the version that she has drawn of her ‘Hung up with Tokischa‘ and scandalize as in his most rebellious times. And not only because of the erotic content of the video but also because of the surprising change that can be seen in her face. There are those who do not recognize the Italian in both ways, both because of how she appears in the video clip and because of her face. And those who praise her taste. A debate that gives a lot to talk about. doA woman owes her 64 look young, twerking and making out with another womanin addition to 26 years, in front of a figure of the baby Jesus?

Madonna provokes the speculation of her followers with her latest video on TikTok

At 64, the pop diva is one of those women who has decided to delay the passage of age and do what she really feels. “Madonna being Madonna and doing what she wants, I love it“, a user comments on the video. “Madonna is a current Legend; Long live the Queen of Pop”, “What madness! Much pride for Tokischa and my respects to the ‘Queen of Pop’ who always understood everything“, are just some of the comments from the court of fans that the singer has.

Madonna and Madonna’s alter ego

Little given to talking about the passage of time and about her life, this show-woman exposes herself without censorship and acts. Next year she will celebrate 40 years of artistic career, since her first album, which bore her name, saw the light, 1983. Since then we have seen her from her rockiest image to the sweetest and most virginal, always making each one of the songs her own. styles you have worn. Madonna is that alter ego that brings together the rocker, the sweetest and most virginal, the sophisticated, the one who shocks with cones as a bra, the mystic, the one who emulates Marilyn Monroe, like the one who wears toned buttocks in full MET gala with fishnet stockings. And all of them are Madonna.

Very obsessed with her physique and diet, her personal trainer between 2006-2009, Tracy Anderson, confessed to ‘The Times’ that the training with the singer was rigorous and strenuous, always focused on one goal, to be well. Tracy has explained: “Her body of hers is perfect. No fat or cellulite, she is very toned and her arms are incredible”. For several decades, ‘The Blonde Ambition’ professes a very strict diet. Also, meditate. She is very aware of the body and mind.

Madonna’s operations

Among the list of interventions and touch-ups that Madonna has had, it can be seen from a bichectomy, a rhinoplasty, an eyelid lift, Botox injections, to a chin profiling. The new face of the singer does not like everyone equally and the networks have not been silent: “You are horrible, rather vulgar.” Others have seen in the remix of ‘Hung up with Tokischa’, which has nothing to do with the staging of the original, that: “Madonna must really hate looking in the mirror and seeing a 64-year-old woman. He really hates old people“, has been one of the comments of a woman on social networks.

How should Madonna age?

Between this photo and how it is there is an abyss. Will the pop diva like her?


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