Magnite hopes to capitalize on the arrival of advertising at Disney +

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The world’s largest independent SSP has passed in three years of not entering anything for connected television to that it supposes 42% of its billing. And that figure could increase even more if Magnite turns its close relationship with Disney into a stable agreement to operate in the next launch of the Disney+ ad version. Its second quarter results show that the contribution of that support grew more than double that of the business in general, with 52% compared to 20% over 2021, and totaled 52.1 million dollars on an overall billing of 137, 8 million.

Part of that figure is attributable to SpringServe, the ad server acquired last year, whose integration with the company’s SSP is substantiated by a stream of new features such as ad tiles, native ad units on TV home screens connected. One of the legs of the bet on the support is to obtain part of the advertising market that has been exploited for years by manufacturers of devices to watch signals online or on demand like Samsung and LG, and precisely Magnite has closed a multi-year contract with the latter.

Despite the increase in revenue, the company ended the quarter with losses of 25 million dollars compared to profits of 36.8 million in 2021. This is due to the fiscal impact of the acquisition of SpotX and the macroeconomic scenario, which in any case does not prevent Magnite from being moderately optimistic for the remainder of the year. Above all thanks to the progressive shift of streaming towards options compatible with advertising, both paid and free, but also because of the mid-term election cycle in the US.

The company is cautiously optimistic for the second half of the year thanks to connected television and political advertising in the US mid-term elections.

That period includes the months between August and November, and Magnite considers that its strategic relationship with GroupM makes it a preferred partner to capture advertising budgets around those applications in different states and the Senate. Also key in this regard is the exclusive SSP status of the Scripps Political consortium, a group of premium audiovisual publishers that generate billions of monthly impressions on connected television that Magnite can make accessible to political advertisers.

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