Maguire, holder by decree –

Harry Maguire (29 years old) is a starter by decree. That is why he will start tonight with the English team against Italy, according to the English press, despite the fact that in recent weeks he has lost his place in the defense of Manchester United. But the coach of the ‘Three Lions’, Gareth Southgate, is clear about it and is sure that it is the best decision.

After Manchester City’s Kyle Walker, Maguire is the second defender in the squad with the most minutes played for England and the centre-back with the best service record since Southgate became a coach. Hence, it is not strange that the coach has preserved his confidence in the former Leicester City player.

“Clearly, it is not an ideal situation. You want your best players to play regularly so that they are physically and mentally in a good place”, Southgate conceded at yesterday’s press conference., in which he also hinted at his vision of what Maguire can bring to the team.” But he is an important player for us. I think it’s important to support our best players, ”he continued explaining.

Southgate has followed her every day closely, and although Maguire he has only played 9 minutes in the last four Premier League games, looks good on him. “He understands that he is at a big club, a big transfer fee and he is the captain of the club, so I think that is why the spotlight has been on him more. He is focused on training well every day and returning to the team”, justified the coachwho has opted for more than one unpopular face.

“In the team that we have chosen there are a good number of players that you could argue that we have left out, but I think we wanted to keep that group together and keep them involved.. But they also know that for some of them they need to play more regularly because we are now just a few weeks away from World Cup pre-season,” Southgate warned.

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