Man Brutally Hit by Hit-and-Run Driver – NBC 7 Miami

Miguel Bohorquez, a Colombian man, was hit on his motorcycle on August 26 by a black van that fled.

“He ran over me and I fell in my own lane, the motorcycle got tangled up in my foot and that is what broke my leg in 3 parts. I only heard the screeching, I was able to see the mirror, I was going to my right on my motorcycle and I was normal, that area is 30 and he passes me at 70 miles”, he says.

Miguel was shopping for the last things for his newborn when he was hit in the 1000 block of Miami Ave.

“He brakes because when I fall I don’t become unconscious, I hear the brake, it was the truck, three guys get out and they get in and drive off.”

According to the victim, recovery has been very difficult and the most complicated thing is that she has not been able to work in order to maintain her home.

Now he is waiting for the different aids that they offer him to be able to continue his recovery.

“If someone can help us in any way, here you can be broken into a thousand pieces, but you rent the diaper food…”

The authorities continue to search for the suspect responsible for the spectacular crash, guided by the photo of the truck captured by a passerby.

“A person with a very good heart, how many told me, calm down, I managed to take a picture of him and how could he write it down on my cell phone…”


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