Manuela in the most poetic sky

When Manuela González, at her 102 years of life, closed her eyes forever, she left on Earth a family of writers and an intense love story with her partner for decades: Evasio Pérez, improviser and popular singer, with a imprint that has not yet been erased from the Caimitense collective memory.

Manuela was a luminous, simple and brilliant being, with a power of charm in the word capable of always arousing the highest praise and the greatest respect from those of us who, one or many times, enjoyed her conversation.

Her youngest son, the poet and narrator Eric Adrián Pérez, assured about her in an interview he gave me several years ago: “My mother was 52 years old when she brought me into the world and, despite a lot of work, she never he lost his joy or his strength.

I can see her leaning over the tray, washing our lives away, and humming tenths. She still at one hundred years old she has a prodigious memory and clairvoyance”.

Another of her creatures, the poet and writer for children Evasio Pérez, commented on the rigor and honesty with which Manuela led them to behave in society and among her works she left her mother written, after her recent departure: The mother is like a gift/given to us without measure,/ready to give life,/for the good or bad son./In her there is no interval/in her maternal functions./She loves us unconditionally,/angel who accompanies the child. /He’s the only sweetie who doesn’t have vacations.

Daniel Pérez, one of the most fruitful and persistent readers I have ever known, a poet and narrator like his brothers, was kind enough to record his mother’s voice as she told her what her fruitful and difficult life had been, a long and powerful testimony that Daniel’s expertise could turn into a book, just as the story of a popular and exquisite poet like his father could become a book.

Pablo Pérez, cultivator of the tenth, with a prodigious memory to evoke old works of this genre, and Froilán Escobar, journalist, novelist and author of an essential testimonial book, worthy of being read by every Cuban, Martí a flor delips, where the enchanted words of beings who personally knew the author of Ismaelillo after his landing at Dos Ríos are collected, they are two other beings brought into the world by Manuela with the star of literature in their souls.

They are the best known to me. Although I suspect that the smiling angel of letters travels from end to end the soul of the 12 beings generated by this woman, who at 102 years of age, like a luminous dove, flew without return towards the most poetic of heavens.

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