Maria finds Vittorio dead! The tragedy collapses the whole family

Vittorio has suffered a heart attack and his state of health is very delicate. Maria has not been separated from him for a moment, just like Italo.

One morning, Maria goes to see Vittorio and discovers that he is not in the hospital room. The young woman tells her husband and together they go to look for him, where has she gone?

After a while they find him drinking wine and eating cheese with a friend. The couple reminds him that he cannot leave the hospital just like that since he is not fully recovered.

The family takes advantage of Vittorio’s departure to eat together. To Italo’s surprise, Vittorio has summoned Giorgia’s brother, his first wife, to give him the land that belongs to him.

Italo greatly appreciates his uncle’s gesture. Vittorio goes out to smoke before starting to eat, despite the refusal of Maria and Italo who insist that his health is still very delicate.

Later, Maria goes out to look for Vittorio to sit down at the table and start eating, but the young woman gets the worst of surprises when she discovers Vittorio sitting, facing the side, and without breathing.

Maria collapses next to Vittorio upon learning that he has died. Italo and Paulino go looking for her, but Italo manages to stop his son when he looks at Maria and realizes that he will never see his uncle again.

Everyone is broken in pain, who is going to take care of all the lands now that Vittorio is gone? The family pays homage to him and the town says goodbye to him. What a sad moment we have lived!

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