María Pombo and her impressive abs

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    Mary Pombo It doesn’t stop, not even in summer. The influencer is on vacation, but that doesn’t mean her Instagram account is inactive. Not much less. In fact, María is telling her followers about each of the steps that she is taking this summer season and among them is that of showing off her spectacular anatomy and flat stomach with abs included with a look cowboy. Yes, we know, too much information, but it’s the truth. the young He did not want to miss the opportunity that the country style is the order of the day and before seeing these images we are going to warn you of one thing: you are going to want to copy it.

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    What we told you: a styling pass. But if her ‘break no more, my poor heart…’ look (and if you don’t know this musical reference, you’re terribly young) it’s amazing (risky, but amazing), his abs and his flat stomach they are no less.

    María Pombo’s training to get that toned flat stomach

    Since she became Martín’s mother less than two years ago, María Pombo has always faced the question of how did you lose so much weight. The influencer has always said that kept the same balanced diet as alwaysbut that training with Crys Dyaz, which began two months after giving birth, had helped to create more muscle, favoring the elimination of fat. And it is that Crys Dyaz has become the most demanded personal trainer by the influencers.

    Maria does not fail any of the sessions and focuses on the strength exercises and functional training to work arms, legs and, of course, abdomen. María Pombo’s flat stomach is one of her biggest WOW! and whenever she uploads images of her in a bikini to Instagram, her followers go crazy.

    But as she says in her biography on said social network, “never ever compare your happiness, your body, your relationships, or your goals in life with ANYONE”. We tell you because each body, as she says, is different.

    If you are thinking of updating your abs, we leave you a exercise routine to practice at home.

    1. Jump Squats

    From the starting position: look straight ahead with feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly outwards, go down with your back straight and slightly sticking your butt out, bending your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Jump up and return to the low position.

    2. Alternate lunge

    From the starting position: with your feet hip-width apart, take one leg back in a lunge with a bent knee. Lower your upper body while maintaining balance. Using primarily the heel of your foot, push up and return to the starting position. We repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.

    Important that the knee moves past the toes as you lower.

    3. Climber

    From the starting position: Plank with your arms completely straight and directly below your shoulders. The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. Lift one foot off the ground and bring your knee towards your chest, keeping your body straight and return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

    It is important to tighten the abdominals to do the correct climber technique.

    4. Push-ups

    From the initial position: plank with your arms shoulder width apart, lower until your chest almost touches the ground, trying to always keep your elbows at 45 degrees. Press your upper body up to the starting position while squeezing your chest.

    You can lean on your knees until you control the exercise and can do it completely.

    5. Iron

    From the starting position: plank with your elbows shoulder-width apart, support your forearms and keep in a straight position. Constantly open and close legs

    Remember to contract buttocks and abdomen. Avoid raising the hips beyond the straight line that forms the body.

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