Mariah Carey to release her long-lost alternative rock album

Mariah Carey will release her version of the alternative rock album she thought was lost. The album, titled Someones Ugly Daughterwas credited to a group called Chick and was produced in 1995 when he was working on his LP Daydream.

The singer spoke for the first time about the project in her autobiography The Making of Mariah Carey, when she mentioned that it was her friend Clarissa Dane who did the lead vocals while she accompanied her on backing vocals. Now, in an interview with ROLLING STONE, the artist revealed that she found a “lost” version where she is the one who sings on all the songs.

“It was my escape and no one knew it,” Carey said. “I just sat down to compose these things. She was like, ‘Could you play this tune?’, to the session guitarist who was working when we were making songs like ‘Always Be My Baby‘, ‘One Sweet Day‘, ‘Fantasy‘ and anything from that era.”

The interpreter ofemotions‘explained what he did Someones Ugly Daughter in the same recording sessions of Daydream, but his label’s fear that it might not be what the public expected prevented its release. “I really wanted to release it back then under a pseudonym so people would later find out it was me, but that idea didn’t pan out,” he recounted. “So Clarissa came. Yeah, there were a lot of great grunge records and of course, it was the Courtney Love era in Hole. I even did the art! It was like a dead cockroach and some lipstick.”

According to Carey, the lyrics on the LP were serious since at that time he “didn’t have freedom” because although at first he took them as a joke, later he realized that he was “shouting” what he was experiencing.

Of Someone’s Ugly Daughter (the version performed by Dane) two cuts are known, ‘insane‘ Y ‘malibu‘, which were uploaded to YouTube in 2009. Representatives for the singer confirmed to Pitchfork in 2020 that she herself composed, produced and sang the backing vocals on every song except the cover of ‘Surrender‘ from Cheap Trick.

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