Maroon 5: Adam Levine breaks his silence on the accusations of his infidelity: “I haven’t had any affairs, but I crossed the line” | People

After two days of rumours, accusations and new information about a possible infidelity, the protagonist of the story and singer, Adam Levine, 43, has broken his silence and has come out to publicly defend himself from the information that has been spread by networks social. It all started on Monday, when the American model Sumner Stroh, 23, shared on his Tiktok profile —where he accumulates almost half a million followers, which have risen since the controversy— that he had had an affair with the husband of one of the angels from Victoria’s Secret. At first he didn’t mention the artist or his wife, Behati Prinsloo, but he didn’t take long to do so.

Levine and Prinsloo met in 2012, when he was already the singer of the successful band Maroon 5 and she paraded on the catwalks of important firms. Two years of relationship and a breakup later, the couple got engaged and said yes I want in 2014 in privacy. In 2016, they welcomed their first daughter, Duty Rose; in 2018, their second daughter, Gio Grace, arrived. Less than a week ago, the model announced that the marriage she is expecting her third child.

Everything seemed to be perfect in the life of the couple until this Monday, September 19, messages of possible infidelity by Levine came to light. The other protagonist of the story is Stroh, who shared screenshots showing notifications of her conversations with the singer and the truth of what she was exposing, although she did not show exact dates of the romance. Stroh, who until then had only shared the information with her friends, admitted that she wanted to be the one to give her own version of the events for fear that it would be leaked by third parties and her image would be harmed. He has also assured that she is only a victim because of the age difference: “At that time, I was young and naive, and honestly, I felt exploited. I was very easy to manipulate.”

Given the stir caused in the media and on social networks, the artist has taken a few hours to defend himself on his Instagram account via stories (image format that only lasts 24 hours). He has denied having been unfaithful to Prinsloo, but he has admitted to crossing a red line: “She is being talked about a lot and right now I want to clear things up. It wasn’t right to talk to someone other than my wife in a flirtatious way. I didn’t have an affair, but I did cross the line during an unfortunate period in my life.”

Despite the fact that the conversations between the two ended a few months ago, Levine wrote to him again in June of this year to tell him that he wanted to name his son – if he was a boy – after her. “I’m having another baby and if he’s a boy I’d really like to call him Sumner. Are you okay with this? I’m serious,” she sent to Stroh.

In the stories, has also explained that his wife – who is silent at the moment – was already aware of what happened before the videos were published, since he preferred to be honest with her, regain trust and maintain the “wonderful” family they have created together: “In certain cases, it became inappropriate, but I addressed it and took proactive steps to remedy it with my family. They are all that matters to me in this world. Being so naive and stupid to risk the only thing that really matters to me was the biggest mistake I could ever make. I’ll never do it again. I take full responsibility. We will get through this and we will get through it together.”

Although Levine has denied that the romance went beyond a few messages, the conversations published by the model and the story she tells show another reality. “It’s amazing how sexy you are. It surprises me. You are 50 times more beautiful in person, ”the singer wrote after one of her meetings.

After Stroh, more women have arrived and it does not seem that the soap opera is going to end here. Two more women have exposed private messages flirting with Levine. One of them is called Maryka and she is a comedian. In her social networks she has used the hashtags #ExposeAdamLevine to post sexual messages between the two of them. The comedian came to remind him that he was married, to which he immediately replied “it’s complicated.” The other girl, Alyson Rosef, used the same method as Stroh: posting evidence of the conversations on TikTok, in which the artist claimed that he should not be talking to her. However, Rosef has decided to remove the content from the platform.

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