Márquez: “The meeting with Quartararo was very honest”

Happy to be back in Japan, although with some signs of tiredness on his face, for having a tight schedule and that has led him, among other things, to visit the HRC facilities upon his arrival in Tokyo. that’s how it was Marc Márquez when talking to the five Spanish journalists present, not counting those on TV, at the Motegi circuit.

-Eager to get even in Motegi after the bad luck in Aragon?

-Well, no, at the level of the result it was a disaster, but for me the objective of the weekend was different and for me the weekend was a success. It was a success to be able to drive and not be far from the level we would like. It’s true that we’re still a long way off, but for me the weekend was good, logically taking out Sunday, since we didn’t achieve the objective of accumulating kilometres. We’ll see what happens here in Japan because this circuit really will make me suffer and I already know that before starting as there are many right-hand braking: the long hard one, the descent, which is where I suffer the most, but well, we’ll see how we do we manage and manage in the best possible way.

-How was the meeting with Fabio Quartararo after Alcañiz?

-Well, well, well, in the end it was a very honest meeting. He told me that he wanted to go from three to four and I had that little mistake, which wasn’t very, very big either, he went a little behind because the tire wasn’t up to temperature yet and what happened happened. Fortunately, he is fine, but overall it was a very honest and easy meeting.

-He has visited the Honda factory. Have you asked the Japanese to get their act together so that in MotoGP they are at the level of F1?

-Well, it’s one of the company’s goals. HRC has changed the logo as you know and there has been a change in structure. They have merged and logically such a large company needs time, but little by little. It is for the companies and forces of MotoGP and F1 to merge to work together, which will come in handy.

-Are you interested in it raining so that it doesn’t demand so much of you physically during the weekend?

-No. If the objective were to take a result, I would say that it rains. It is true that it relieves us of a bit of physical stress, but it also gives us time to continue testing things and if it is dry we have a series of positive points and if it is water then we have to see where we are since this is a circuit in which the acceleration costs a lot and braking also costs a lot, both in the dry and in the water.

-The conditions of the track can be a trip for the evolution of the new bike in the new season?

-No, not tripping, because there are not many things to try because in the end for me the question is to accumulate kilometers. For example, in Aragón we tried a different concept to know the direction for next year, but it is a circuit that this year, logic says that it has to go wrong for me, because it is where I suffer the most physically. In the past it has gone well for me and it is one of the circuits in which I have won three titles, I have won races and I like it, the thing is that this year we are not at the moment to think about getting any results.

-Fabio, Pecco and Aleix in only seventeen points. How do you see it?

-I see that perhaps Pecco is the one with the best streak in this second part of the season, because he has the best bike; Aleix has a very good bike although it cost him more, but already in Aragón he defended himself and warned that his weak circuit had passed; and Fabio is the one who is riding above the level of his bike, he is taking magic, as riders did in the past when you are playing for a championship, and I think that will be interesting. Pecco goes fast in all conditions, in the water he goes fast, in the dry he goes fast and he goes on all the circuits and that’s where…

-The persecutor always has it easier?

-Well, I prefer to go ahead because you have a joker. (Laughter). It’s the wild card because you’re not the chaser you can’t miss. Fabio is still at the front, it depends on him and I think very good circuits will come for him. In Aragón, which is one of the weak circuits or one of the circuits in which he has not had good results, I think he was ready to fight for the podium at least, so it will be interesting to see him from the track.

-If you had to play dough, who would you play it for?

-No, I didn’t risk it because I won’t give any names because I don’t feel like it”. (Smile)

-Bring new case design for Japan, as usual. Does he also keep the lucky cat in his box?

-Yes, yes, I keep it and wear a new helmet. Now more than ever, since we haven’t been to Japan since 2019, I always give Shoei’s friends the chance to design a helmet a bit to their liking because we always do it with Dave Design, who is a designer who works with me, Spanish, and here we work with them and they told me the lucky cat, a ritual that is done with some lucky pots too, and I said: “Well, if everything is lucky, come here, we need it, that in recent years we have not had it”. (more laughter).

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