Marvel Snap will add a PvP mode before the end of the year

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The cards have a new fashion game on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices. marvel snap, the free-to-play (free but with microtransactions) developed by Second Dinner, final release of a PvP mode. This has been confirmed by a representative of the study in statements to Washington Postwhere he explained that the “Battle Mode” focused on the game between friends is planned for “this year”.

Given that there are only two months left until 2022 ends, the arrival of this new modality will take place in November or December. The details in this regard are scant, although in October they shared a post-launch roadmap in which they explained that the PvP mode will differ from the classified and will allow two players to compete “in multiple matches” until all 10 lives of one of them are consumed.

“We think that Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends or organize community tournaments, because provides a clear winner” without dispensing “with the snap mechanics”, Second Snap noted in the aforementioned roadmap. “We’re looking forward to seeing the community play Battle Mode.”

can be downloaded for free

Marvel Snap portrays the superheroes of the comics in the cards, although at the moment they have not done the same with the UCM versions. The title contains payment elementssince it works under a model free-to-play. However, it is possible to access it for free and enjoy the games without having to invest a single euro, at least for now. In this new you can read everything you need to know about the product, which will continue to add new modes and features in the future.

The game is available on PC and mobileboth on iOS and Android. Do not miss the analysis of FreeGameTips here.

Source | Washington Post

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