Matt Smith Reveals Queen Elizabeth II Saw ‘The Crown’ and Recounts Prince Harry’s Prank on Her

Just one year after the death of Philip of Edinburgh, his wife, the Queen isabel II, He died at the age of 96. The seven decades of his reign have been full of anecdotes that the crown dared to adapt on his arrival at Netflix in 2016. A series in which the actor matt smith played Felipe, who has now also confessed that the British monarch watched the series.

“I heard that the queen had seen her, and apparently I used to watch it on a projector on Sunday nights”Smith has confessed in a recent interview for The Today Show.

The British actor has also pointed out that Prince Harry once called him ‘Grandpa’, since he played the queen’s husband in the series. However, a friend told Smith that Felipe never saw this fiction. “I know Felipe definitely didn’t do it.”

“After a couple of dishes, my friend couldn’t resist and asked: ‘Felipe, have you seen The crown?, notes Smith about this moment. A curious scene that aroused an expected response from the consort. “He apparently turned around and said: ‘Do not be ridiculous”Smith adds.

However, we do not know what opinion the queen would have of her reflection in the series and of complex moments, such as the marital problems of Carlos and Diana Spencer.

The Crown will return soon with a fifth season in which Imelda Staunton will play Elizabeth II and Jonathan Price to Prince Philip. The monarch had been played in the series by Claire Foy and Olivia Colmanwhile the consort had counted on the actors Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies.

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