Matthew McConaughey remembers the sexual blackmail he suffered at the age of 15

A little over two years ago, Matthew McConaughey shocked the world by making public one of the hardest moments of his life that was a trauma for him both during his adolescence and in part of his adult life. At that time, the popular actor confessed that he had been the victim of sexual blackmail when he was only fifteen years old and that, three years later, when he came of age, he was raped by a man.

During his last interview granted to the podcast ‘The Conversation: About the Men’ by the journalist Amanda de Cadenet, the interpreter speaks about this issue again. At 52 years old, Matthew McConaughey shouts from the rooftops that this trauma no longer conditions his present one. “I’m not going to be afraid of relationships because my first experience was blackmail. Nerd. That was an aberration,” she recalls. “I’m not going to let him hit me. I’m not going to let my trust in people hit me. I can have a healthy relationship today, that is not negotiable, ”he adds in the aforementioned podcast.

“Do I deny that it happened? No, I don’t deny that it happened. Even telling you this story, I understand that it was something real. But am I going to carry that? No. I chose not to bring that baggage to life that I wanted to carry and how I treat people, how I trust people and how I see the circumstances and the risk that I can take, “he continues. The truth is that today the actor maintains a very stable sentimental relationship with his wife Camila Alves. Sixteen years of love and married since 2012.

As for the rape he suffered at the age of eighteen, the interpreter says that a man abused him when he was “unconscious in the back of a truck.” A terrible story that he also addresses in his autobiography, which he considers “self-help, but it can also be relentless optimism.” During his speech, Matthew McConaughey also wanted to refer to the important sexuality talk he had with his parents. “They had guided me on respect for women, relationships and sexual intimacy, respect for space. My father told me: ‘if you ever feel that the girl or the woman hesitates, stop,’” he concludes.

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