“Mayonnaise”, Charly Sosa’s constant challenge

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A constant “challenge”. That’s what the song became Mayonnaise for the Uruguayan artist Charly Sosa.

It was he who in 2000 gave voice to a song that reached every corner of the world and became the one that collected the most copyright in the history of the South American country.

Therefore, when he talks about Mayonnaise is forceful: “It is the key that has opened doors for me. It’s that song that every artist wishes they had.”

He says this during an interview with Efe in which he talks about his career, his life in the American city of Miami and in which he reviews every memory that brings him his most renowned success, the one that sets the bar “totally high” and makes that each new song he releases becomes a challenge.

From MTV to Rosalia

“Mayonnaise / She shakes me like making mayonnaise / Everything I had taken / soon went to my head.”

So says one of the most memorable parts of the dance anthem by the group Chocolate, which has its main ingredients in its rhythm, melody, catchy lyrics and choreography.

So says the song that, as Sosa recalls, led the MTV ranking for more than three months above singers like Shakira or Ricky Martin and that today is still on the lips of some of the most recognized singers in the world.

Recently, the Spanish Rosalía published it in an Instagram story when asked if she knew her, while, some time ago and on the same social network, the American Joan Báez appeared dancing with her granddaughter.

Marc Anthony also remembered her the day that Sosa asked the Puerto Rican’s manager to meet him, and at the time of the meeting the singer of Live my life He spoke to the Uruguayan about the renowned hit.

“I always tell everyone that I am a very dreamy guy, I work hard to make my dreams come true. But being the most dreamy and the most optimistic of the group, I did not even imagine 10 percent of everything he has given, ”says Sosa.

From Uruguay to Miami

Author of songs like the recently published is alteredthe Uruguayan has been based in Miami (United States) for three and a half years, from where he returned to his country this year to perform several concerts.

“It was really amazing. I was a little scared because I said: ‘It’s been so long that how will the public, the media and my colleagues receive me?’ We did shows in various parts of Uruguay and it was really wonderful”, she points out.

This tour also took him to Bolivia where, in addition to singing, he participated in an advertisement for a university that launched the Sound Engineering career.

And after so many years of travel, one question: Do you still feel the same as at the beginning? Charly Sosa is blunt in his answer: “Yes, I love doing shows.”

To this he adds another detail that he defines as “wonderful” and that is that in them he finds young people who are around 20 or 25 years old, who were less than 5 when he first went on stage to sing. Mayonnaiseso he celebrates having conquered a new audience.

again to Spain

Now, in addition to the tour he will do in the United States and the songs he plans to record with different singers, Sosa plans to return to Spain, a country that leaves him with pleasant memories that he summarizes with an anecdote.

“In Spain the songs of the summer are always chosen. All the artists bid to have a summer song in Spain, because that also catapults you to the whole of Europe”, she says.

And adds: “Mayonnaise One year it was the song of the summer and the next the DJs voted for it again (…) It is the only song that was the song of the summer in Spain for two consecutive years”.

He will return there in 2023 to tour places like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Galicia and Mallorca, among other places.

And it will make people vibrate again as it did many years ago with different songs, including the one that, at the request of its audience, it had to sing on more than one occasion in the same show.

Mayonnaise It is the one that took him to 27 countries and the one that leads him to be “constantly” getting into “new challenges”.

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