Mbappé: “Madrid is a machine for making Ballon d’Ors, we have to admit it”

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Kylian Mbappé, chosen this Friday from among the thirty nominees who will compete for the Ballon d’Or, believes that for a few years clubs have been putting pressure on their players to win, as is the case with Real Madrid, which “knows very well how to persuade” .

“They manage to persuade almost every year that their candidate is number 1,” the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker told France Football in an interview. “Real Madrid is a machine for making Ballons d’Or, you have to admit it,” he added.

The Bondy man confessed that his three favorites for the podium are Benzema, Mané and himself, who does not hide his desire to join the family of winners.

“Cristiano started winning the Ballon d’Or after he turned 27 (…), which leaves me a bit of a margin. Maybe for me it will also be later, when my career progresses. I think the most difficult thing is to win the first,” said the 23-year-old player.

Winning the first one, he continued, gives you the legitimacy to stop hearing “wait a bit, it’ll be a bit later.”

Mbappé is convinced that this year’s winner will be Karim Benzema, who “is 34 years old and has just had the season of his life.”

“If I were Karim and I didn’t win this year, I would stop thinking about the Ballon d’Or forever,” he joked.

For him, Xavi and Iniesta deserved to have won the Ballon d’Or and he remembers that seeing them together with Messi on the podium in 2010 made him feel that, in a certain way, the trophy belonged to the three of them.

Mbappé confessed how the Ballon d’Or is lived in the locker room, where as the delivery date approaches, there is more and more talk.

“Before that shining trophy we all become like children. I am sure that many dream of that moment. The Ballon d’Or awakens in us our childhood dreams. I confess it, I think about it. And I will do everything to be seen in this period. It’s human, isn’t it?”


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