Meat shop: today’s loyalty for tomorrow’s customer closeness

Having a good product is not everything: it is essential to work with the costumer service

Until a few years ago, the essential role of butchers lacked that something to organize themselves as an attractive company, beyond selling the product. An apparently unattractive raw material, such as meat, became more desirable to diners (also young), thanks to the modernization of the meat shop designed by a food group.

It was in the 70s when the Raza Nostra Group, a simple butcher located inside the Mercado de Chamartn, in the capital of Madrid. In 2002, the second generation of the family business, Carlos Rodríguez, entered the business as CEO, since after working in the food sector, he thought that butcher shops were a business in danger of extinction.

From then on, his neighborhood meat shop became known as a successful meat brand. Thus, Raza Nostra became a clear example of modernization of one of the sectors that seemed outdated and without possible updating.

The trade has innovated to enter and take a seat in the new market and the new concept of customer. Raza Nostra developed the Sota Caballo Rey gastronomic concept: a space that transports us to a classic tavern so that customers can taste the different proposals of the place, with the option to enjoy its cuisine from breakfast to dinner. The menu is divided into Sotas (Iberian pork products); Horses (assorted products or fish); and Reyes (the Galician blond calf is the protagonist).

From the brand’s website, customers can place orders to pick up at the establishment, with the intention of avoiding long queues at the market. The butcher shop of the future must include technology in its daily life and Raza Nostra with a QR code goes beyond click and collect.

Its digitization box allows you to ask for an appointment from home, to avoid the long queues that often make us delay approaching the butcher’s (if not avoid it). The customer asks for a batch and when they arrive at the premises, they already have it ready, they simply pick up their order.

The store of the future needs to rejuvenate, since today there are many purchase possibilities available to consumers who are increasingly unfaithful. The best way to attract them is by offering them experiences and getting into their hearts, pushing them out of their comfort zone, so that they always end up coming back to us, for one reason or another.

In my opinion, there are several ways to achieve this contact with the new consumer. I see some of them more implanted, others not so much. The quality of what we offer is obviously a requirement, however, there is no doubt that we must try to impact them at the point of sale, focusing on the customer experience, creating a shopping experience and differentiation through service. Quality meat is not enough. Something more is necessary.

That something else happens by giving facilities to those who visit the store, such as the apparently simple fact of being able to visually find the product and know what they buy, where it comes from. The current consumer values ​​his time very much and if we help him to buy efficiently he will appreciate it.

Another good key to attracting customers is to offer unrepeatable experiences in unique settings that captivate them, introducing novelties and a differential product, such as meat from different countries and processed products such as a hamburger, a lamb skewer or a steak tartare.

If we seek to differentiate ourselves from the competition, we can establish a cellar to mature the meat in the store itself, so that customers can choose the pieces to their liking and we can work the product in such a way that they will not be able to find it anywhere else.

Some of these meat cellars have a careful design, similar to that of wines, so they can be perfectly integrated into a space facing the public, exhibiting these pieces as a premium product, since during the dry maturation process, the meat becomes extremely tender, soft and tasty.

The butcher itself can recommend recipes to prepare these meats, with different cooking methods and sauces to cook at home, creating a close relationship with the customer and, also, loyalty.

There is no doubt that we all like to taste what we buy. In the butcher’s shop we can create different spaces to try some ready-made dishes that we can order in advance, such as a slightly more complex marinated meat to prepare at home if we don’t have much idea of ​​cooking and, because, today, many customers want eat well, but they lack the time.

The wow effect in any store in the sector is generated with the five senses and helps boost sales much more than we think. To create an attractive butcher’s shop, we must have experts: decorators and interior designers, following in the footsteps of local restaurants. In the design, attention must be paid to consistency in corporate colors, space, lighting and technology to captivate customers and enhance brand image.

The culture of service is another very important point whenever working with the public. The professionalism of the store’s butchers is key, and that is why experts in this product are needed, who know how to pass on their knowledge. Have a vocation. If you are happy in your work and you value what you do, and also, most especially, you respect your client, it might be easier. The only objective in our sector is to have happy customers.

Stores that have happy teams increase sales, because they get involved, have a commitment and provide good service. In a butcher shop, good service involves teaching customers to value what they buy, helping them to understand the differences between the types of meat and cuts. To teach them how to prepare them. To give them new ideas so that they consume more of this product.

The quality of the meat is not everything and a good service is what, sometimes, differentiates you from your competition. All the details are important. If a salesperson snorts, a bad tone of voice when answering a reservation or order, a serious face, talking on the phone about personal matters while the client waits, and endless details, your service is highly penalized. And in the store of the future, customer satisfaction is everything.

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