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Meta continues to make Messenger and WhatsApp more alike by bringing end-to-end encryption to Facebook’s messaging app.

End-to-end encryption in messaging applications is one of the most important features to maintain the security of all the messages that are sent. This means that many instant messaging companies have opted for this feature, as is the case with WhatsApp.

Although Messenger is part of Meta, this messaging application did not have end-to-end encryption until now. The announcement made today by Mark Zuckerberg’s company has made clear the plans that you have to get this security feature across all chats once and for all.

Over the last few weeks, a series of tests have been generated to verify that this feature works correctly within the application. What has been commented on in an official publication that comes from Facebook itself is that they have been working on this for a long time.

What it means to have end-to-end encryption is that neither Meta itself nor anyone else will be able to find out what is inside these chats. Of course, this would not be the only feature that would come to this meta messaging app. And, it is that, the string of novelties has only just begun since there is a lot of fabric to cut.

For many this may not be anything new, but backups are the great absence of Facebook Messenger and, now, would be in place so that users can store their chats over time and do not miss any type of interaction or conversation that you have had with the different people in the application.

Also, these backups will also be powered by end-to-end encryption and the same will happen with calls that, now, will have this security factor to be even more useful at a general level and give the sensation of better protection against any type of data leak.

All these features they will arrive at some point, although it is completely unknown when this date will be. Of course, for the moment what you have to do is keep waiting since Facebook has not given any specific day for the arrival of these features in its applicationthis being an indication that they are still in the process of being developed.

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