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The M&A market in Mexico has recorded a total of 31 mergers and acquisitions in July 2022, between announced and closed, for an aggregate amount of US$ 1,334 million, according to the monthly Transactional Track Record report.

On the other hand, during the year there have been a total of 242 transactions, of which 118 register a combined amount of US$ 9,322 million, which implies an increase of 12% in the number of operations and a decrease of 23 % in the amount of these, with respect to the same period of 2021.

In sectoral terms, Internet, Software and IT Services, in addition to Banking and Investment, were the most active in the year, with 29 and 25 transactions each, respectively.

Cross-Border Scope

Regarding the Cross-Border market, throughout 2022 Mexican companies have mainly opted to invest in the United States and Colombia, with 13 and 12 transactions, respectively. By amount Switzerland with US$ 1,135 million.

On the other hand, the United States is the country that has made the greatest commitment to making acquisitions in Mexico, with 82 operations, followed by Chile with 12 transactions. By amount, the United States stands out, with US$ 4,290 million.

Private Equity, Venture Capital and Asset Acquisitions

Until July 2022, a total of 23 Private Equity operations have been registered for USD 1,534m, which represents a 120% increase in the number of operations and a 91% growth in the amount of these, compared to the same period from the previous year.

Meanwhile, in the same period, a total of 99 Venture Capital operations were recorded for US$ 1,881 million, which represents a 9% decrease in the number of operations and a 15% decrease in the amount of these, with Compared to the same period of the previous year.

For its part, in the Asset Acquisitions segment, up to the month of July, 31 operations have been registered, for a value of USD 605m, which represents a decrease of 8.82% in the number of operations, and a decrease of 89 % in the amount of these, with respect to July 2021.

Featured Transaction

For July 2022, Transactional Track Record highlighted the acquisition of the Mexican Urvan, by SWVL, a company dedicated to operating buses on fixed routes and allowing customers to book and pay for them through an app based in Dubai.
The transaction, valued at USD 82m, has been advised by Due Diligence by Pérez Correa González and by WilmerHale.

Meanwhile, in the legal advisors segment, by number of operations and by amount, the firm of Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez leads in the course of 2022, with 32 transactions and US$ 2,210 million.

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