Mexicana Arca Continental establishes a new framework for action with Coca-Cola to update its economic relationship and seek growth mechanisms

Arca Continental, one of the most important Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, with headquarters in Mexico, announced the signing of a new long-term collaboration framework with the North American beverage company.

The new plan -which covers Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina- seeks to strengthen collaboration and align the main economic aspects of the commercial relationship in the long term.

The agreement is based on four axes:

First, on issues of economic relations, where it is sought to align all the economic aspects of the commercial relationship, including mutually beneficial levels of investment and profitability.

Second, growth mechanisms. This implies building and aligning long-term commercial strategies and guaranteeing a coordinated execution that promotes the potential that exists in each market.

Third, look for new business opportunities. In this way, new avenues of potential growth will be explored in the distribution of various product categories of the main brands in the industry.

Finally, a digital alliance where it is intended to leverage the strength of the entire Coca-Cola System, while building an integrated ecosystem of platforms to create value in the digital and physical worlds, as well as in every part of the business. All the learning and skills that the Mexican company has developed in the Yomp! business will be capitalized on, which has a solid platform to increase the competitiveness of customers in the traditional channel in Mexico.

“This important agreement between our company and the Coca-Cola Company endorses more than 96 years of commitment, trust and joint work to contribute day by day to generate shared value in each of the communities we serve, always promoting comprehensive development. of our collaborators, as well as permanently seeking to be an agent of positive change for clients, consumers and our environment”, said Jorge H. Santos Reyna, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arca Continental.

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