Mexico presents this week at the UN a peace proposal, López Obrador

In his morning press conference at the National Palace, the president reiterated that Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will present it and is already making contacts in this regard with his peers from other countries, and the representative José Ramón de la Fuente does the same with ambassadors.

We, he repeated, do not agree with the invasion, but neither do we agree with the economic sanctions or the shipment of weapons, we are in favor of peace and we believe that the start of a dialogue is essential for it because it is an irrational war, it produces a lot suffering, displaced persons, refugees and loss of human life.

He wondered why prolong the conflict by supplying weapons and doing nothing to stop it, and to its consequences it should be added that it unleashed and aggravated world inflation.

“That is why dialogue is convenient, not making propaganda and putting an end to the story of the good and the bad when what you have to put first is the interest of the people, the suffering of the people and accept that one thing is the leadership interests and another about the peoples who do not want war,” he said.

That also has to do with the political and economic genesis and the social communication devices, but not with the peoples who are harmed, he clarified.

López Obrador said that “it is very easy to give orders from above because the bomb does not drop near the refrigerator, so politicization is easy, the debate above, but that is very irresponsible and not gloating over the suffering of the people, he said by affirming that this is the responsibility of the hegemonic powers».

That is why we propose the creation of an international peace committee, headed by the president of India, the pope and the secretary general of the UN, who could help a lot by talking to the presidents of Ukraine and Russia so that they reach an agreement and same time seek a global truce, he said.

The latter, he reiterated, would allow governments to dedicate themselves to solving the problems left by the Covid-19 pandemic, face the crisis complicated by the war and attend to the economic-social problems for at least five years without conflicts or interventions, of feeding and inflation.



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