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Connoisseurs of US internal politics affirm that, with the proximity of some electoral duel, the attempts of each person to attract sympathizers on issues as sensitive and never resolved as that of the massive arrival of immigrants to the country.

On one side move those who then “remember” human rights and “soften the rules” for the flow of those who crowd the borders of the Union, and on the other those who stir up fear and intrigue before Such transfer from which – they say – the newcomer constitutes an additional burden for taxpayers and a corrupting and criminal entity within a pretended balanced society and worshiper of the highest values.

In a nutshell, the unfortunate who flees from what was created in his country of origin during centuries of dependence on the great global powers, and from local sectarian groups, the sea of ​​times protected by such interests, then transfers to the status of a simple electoral file of mere conjunctural order and usable on a whim by the sacrosanct pragmatism of invoice Made in USA.

In fact, it should be noted that there should no longer be many “natives” among our species, taking into account that we humans come from a common stock that science places in Africa, and that it was populating the different regions of the world right through successive migrations.

And the USA does not even remotely escape this trend… the pure gringo does not exist, nor did it even inhabit the territory it occupies today since its origins as a “race”.

But other than that, the socio-economic orders established to date on the foundations of the imposition of one another have done nothing but promote the massive and involuntary transfer of people in search of refuge and a future that they imagine more promising.

And having said this, it would be as if to think that, if there were equity, justice, respect and human solidarity, perhaps the migratory rant of our days would be, in any case, simple fiction.

And why is the USA a receiving pole? Because their circles of real power have done much to turn other realities into chaos, and because the “escape” attracted by the sale of their own image of extreme prosperity among starving and squeezed outsiders, has been and is an economic and political business for not a few segments within the first capitalist power.

Hence, right now, just around the corner from the legislative elections where Democrats and Republicans will share the parliamentary cake, each one is once again stirring up the immigration issue in tune with the public scenarios they want to dominate.

Thus, no one remembers or talks about the fact that, for example, between October 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022, one million eight hundred thousand foreigners were arrested in an attempt to access the USA from Mexico.

The notes, collected by the UN OCHA entity, specify textually that “in fiscal year 2019, the arrests of the United States Border Patrol of migrants from countries other than Mexico and northern Central America stood at 9 percent, figure that increased to 22 percent in 2021, and reached 40 percent in 2022.

But for partisan contenders, that’s good for publicity. Biden, for example, means that “immigration flexibility” is an achievement of his party, in order to ensure the vote of a part of those involved in this plot, while the Republicans have adopted the method of using chaos to encourage conservative rejection. to such a foreign “invasion”, to the point of sending illegal migrants detained in their respective states to the doors of the White House, the residence of Vice President Kamala Harrys, or to facilities in cities governed by her opponents of the blue party and self-styled “sanctuaries” for external refugees, but who are already beginning to scream for what may come upon them. Anyway… the show ahead.


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