Millionaire investment in Orlando Airport, bet on tourism in Florida

The new changes inside the Orlando International Airport in Florida are already visible. The seventh busiest airport in the world has received an investment of more than 2.8 billion dollars for its expansion and improvements. And this is already obvious, with its high transparent ceilings.

Accompanied by realistic-looking faux interior palm trees, giant LED screens depicting underwater springs, and views of blue skies and billowing clouds through skylights, Terminal C lets passengers know they’ve arrived in Florida, the “sunshine state.” .

“They can see the sunlight, so they really know they’re in the Sunshine State,” Kevin Thibault, executive director of the Orlando Aviation Authority, said of the new view of passengers arriving at the air terminal. “It really is a facility for generations to come,” he added.

With 40.3 million passengers last year, Orlando International Airport was the busiest airport in Florida. The addition of Terminal C gives the airport the capacity to handle an additional 12 million passengers. Additionally, international travel is up nearly 300% from last year at Orlando International Airport.


The Orlando area received more than 59 million people last year, still with the restrictions of the pandemic, in search of the theme parks of central Florida, such as Disneyland. Both Orlando and the rest of Florida are on their way this year to match the numbers prior to the health crisis.

Orlando International Airport officials explained that the new terminal is one of the most advanced in the United States, in terms of technology. Suitcases and other baggage in Terminal C will be deposited in large tubs with embedded chips that are tracked through radio frequency technology. The goal is for them to move to their owners in just five minutes.

Terminal C is located across from a newly built train station that will serve the Brightline, a higher-speed line that will begin service between Miami and Orlando early next year.

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