Milly Alcock, fed up with fame for her character in ‘The House of the Dragon’

‘The house of the dragon’ is one of the fictions of the moment on HBO Max. The series, based on the novel ‘Fire and Blood’ by George RR Martin, has hooked millions of viewers all over the planet, thus turning its protagonists into true world stars, as is the case with Milly Alcock. The actress who gives life to Rhaenyra claims to be totally overwhelmed by fame, calling her “shit”.

Milly Alcock, 22, has given an interview to ‘NME’ where she speaks openly about the weight of fame and how it is costing her to manage her exposure as a result of this project. “Dealing with fame is being hard work,” she starts off by saying. The young woman assures that her profession is “a part-time job”, but with great repercussion among the general public. “I try not to see fame and not to relate to it much because it doesn’t benefit me, it just makes me anxious,” he adds.

“Seeing my face constantly exhausts me. Nobody should have to go through this. Really, it sucks. I don’t know how the elites of the world can do it. It bothers me too much! It is an incredibly difficult space to navigate, ”he continues in one of his most candid interviews on this issue. In addition, Milly Alcock explains that all this is more difficult for her as she belongs to a family that is not linked to the artistic world. “I feel alone and detached from my social circle,” she says. “It’s like opening a pandora’s box and looking at yourself in a mirror. Something like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, it’s very rare”, she concludes.

His most difficult scenes

Milly Alcock reveals some of the secrets of ‘The House of the Dragon’ in her interview for ‘NME’. The interpreter explains that the most difficult scenes for her are those that require the greatest special effects, such as those of the dragons, and not the high voltage ones as many believed. “You are alone in the sound studio for three days. In some kind of machine. And I thought: ‘I don’t know what to do with my face.’ And if I open my mouth, the wind caused by the leaf blowers bothers me”it states.

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