Miners clean graphics cards with WATER

Are you thinking of buying one? second hand graphics card Asian from Ebay or Aliexpress? Do not do it! It’s an unnecessary risk, as current graphics cards will drop in price in the coming weeks or months.

Let’s get in position. Just a week ago, the cryptocurrency ethereum (the most profitable mining), can no longer be mined when moving to POS (Proof-of-Stake). We already warned you why it was not a good idea buy a mining cardand today we echo how they are doing the “maintenance” of their RIGs.

In Vietnam they are cleaning graphics cards with a high pressure water gun

Yes, as you are seeing in the previous image… from vietnam they are cleaning one of their Mining RIG with a hydro-cleaneryes… using normal pressurized water. We have the creeps!

It is a recently switched off equipment, which had to be maintained before starting to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency (eg: ERGO, RVN, ETC, FLUX, etc..). Is a genuine recklessness use conventional water to clean a computer if it is not thoroughly dried (which we doubt they will), so we will be assured of corrosion in the electronic components of these graphics cards.

Beware of buying a graphics card on Ebay or Aliexpress

rig mining graphic cards ethereum

We know that not all miners act the same. But there are sellers who are not transparent enough about the origin of the graphics cards and the maintenance carried out in these months or years. As you know, the output of the new graphics cards RTX 4090, RTX4080 They will lower the prices of the top-of-the-range versions of the RTX 3000 series.

AMD has announced a price reduction in the AMD RX 6000 series. It may be a good time to buy some offer of previous generations of graphics cards. Since they are powerful enough to satisfy 95% of PC users. You can check it in our reviews!

We recommend reading our guide on the best graphics cards on the market.

In short, if you see second-hand sales portals: Ebay or Aliexpress with origin of some asian country, we do not recommend you to buy that graphics card. It may not work when it arrives or some of its electronic components may be damaged and you may have to make some changes to capacitors, memories or phases. Remember, that cheap can be expensive…

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