Mocedades begins its tour in Mexico with a tribute to Armando Manzanero

The Spanish group Mocedades, which celebrates 55 years of experience with the infinity tourwill begin his tour of Mexico this Saturday with a tribute to one of his favorite composers, Armando Manzanero, who died in 2020.

“We want our first concert back in Mexico to be in Mérida, in his homeland, to remember how great Maestro Manzanero was and how much we loved him,” José Miguel González, one of the group’s singers, told Efe on Friday. .

The artist said he was happy because also this Friday they premiere the album Infinite Duets.

He commented that the tribute to Manzanero, composer of I learned with you, Mine, Nope and another 600 songs, “it is for gratitude, for so many experiences together in the past”.

“They say that gratitude is the memory of the heart and as we with the master Manzanero traveled many parts of the world, we made songs, we visited places where we shared a table, tablecloth, experiences and music, we want to evoke his work,” he assured.

He evoked the last moment he lived with the Mexican singer-songwriter, whose son, Juan Pablo Manzanero, will be at the concert.

“It was before the pandemic, before they locked us up, in Nicaragua in a wonderful concert, that’s why our first concert in Mexico will be for our friend and brother,” he said.

He also stated that Mexico means a lot to Mocedades, who was born in Bilbao, Spain, in 1967.

“Without Mexico we would have been nothing as a group, because the country has been the perfect influence for Mocedades, over 55 years, to have the illusion of living musically,” he revealed.

José Miguel explained that in Mexico they found a magnificent reception from the public and “great composers”, such as Manzanero.

“Mocedades can only say thanks to life and to God for having put Mexico on our path,” he said.

an infinite story

José Miguel spoke about the album Infinite Duets which premiere this Friday, “one day before being in Mérida, in the cradle of Manzanero”.

“This album is an injection of freshness for Mocedades because 17 famous performers participate, such as Ana Torroja, Gloria Trevi, Pedro Fernández, Morat, Río Roma, David Bisbal and Emmanuel,” he added.

José Miguel González, Rosa Rodríguez, Toni Menguiano, José María Santamaría, as well as the Izaskun and Idola Uranga sisters want the collaborations to be “infinite” thanks to the album with classic and new songs.

Infinite Duets It is only the first part, we will have other collaborations so that Mocedades continues with more life for 11 years more”, affirmed José Miguel.

He did not want to advance the name of the singers who will appear in the next collaborations, “but with these who are in the first album of Infinite Duets dreams have come true and our hopes have come true”.

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