Modify the electronics of the engine of my car: problems that may arise

A brain that keeps the heart of your car alive

Software is the linguistic structure used by the brain of your car(control unit) to transmit the operating commands to the motor. reprogram this brain involves altering its mechanical and chemical dynamics. Do this without a specialist can cause a lot of problems that’s why maybe before modifying, be convenient know what the control unit of your car is responsible for to make it work properly.

Most manufacturers incorporate the so-called ECU or control unit on their engines. This allows electronically know at all times the operating parameters of the engine thanks to the different sensors installed and programmed in the equipment. Sensors collect information and send it to the control unit, which compares them with the programming data and evaluate, to redirect commands from adjust if necessary. It mainly acts on the fuel mixture, intake pressure, temperature, etc… So, modify the adjustment of these orders, you can present, depending on what they are modified for, advantages and disadvantages that should be known so as not to collapse the engine and disable the car.

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