Monster Hellraiser reboot trailer with the return of Pinhead and his army of cenobites

MADRID, 21 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

Since its premiere in 1987, the Hellraiser’s first movie became a horror movie classic. She was followed by up to nine more tapes with increasingly worse receptions. Nevertheless, Hulu wants to rescue the franchise from that well. In 2019 they officially announced the production of a reboot. Now, the tape is ready Y has released its final trailer.

The restart of the saga will consist of a new story starring a young drug addict who one day comes into possession of a mysterious puzzle box. By manipulating it, she opens a portal to another dimension, summoning an army of Cenobites, sadistic beings belonging to a kind of religious sect. In the trailer for the new Hellraiser, these creatures make an appearance led by their leader, Pinheadplayed by Jamie Clayton.

From the looks of it in the preview, Pinhead is once again as bloodthirsty and sadistic as ever. Thanks to the new images, the leader of the cenobites has fully shown what will be your appearance in the eleventh installment of Hellraiser. Amusing himself as he tortures his victims, he speaks to them just before throwing the chains that will end their lives in a grotesque ritual.

Hulu’s Hellraiser Script Is David S. Goyerwhile the direction is provided by David Bruckner, a filmmaker with plenty of experience in the horror genre. The moviewhich has obtained the R rating, It premieres on the streaming platform in the United States on October 7. For now the release date in Spain is unknownsince the service is not available.

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