More than 50% of Marketing experts apply AI to increase sales

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been placed at the center of a business strategy and its benefits are undoubtedly becoming more tangible in any industry. Nowadays, the marketing that applies this technology maximizes its results according to a study of Business Insider that revealed that the 51% of marketers they use it today to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and create more valuable content for their customers.

With artificial intelligence technologies, data is used to discover behavior patterns, tastes and interests of customers, including algorithms and codes to enhance business marketing. Simply put, your app develops more engaging products and services for your audience, which can boost your business revenue.

“Artificial intelligence has the ability to transform digital marketing. It adds value to each of the contents, better positions a website in search engines, provides tools to streamline processes and automate tasks, but above all it is an ally that every company must have to stand out in a world increasingly competitive. It is the key to designing products and services designed specifically for each type of consumer”, he mentions Soledad TorresSales Director of Convertia, a digital marketing tech platform that combines process automation and artificial intelligence, strengthened with a team of experts to provide professional advice.

In digital marketing, artificial intelligence has positioned itself as one of the most important technologies. In fact, the report on artificial intelligence McKinsey ‘Global survey: The state of AI in 2020 revealed that companies from various sectors, including marketing, attributed at least 20% of their EBIT to AI within the first year of the pandemic.

The applications

In this context and in order to optimize your marketing strategy, Soledad talks about applications to properly implement artificial intelligence:

Search engines: Marketers use artificial intelligence to improve a website’s ranking. Through it, they predict user behavior, analyze their searches, thus providing more valuable and relevant content that adapts to customer demands.

Chatbots: They mimic human conversations to serve users 24/7, saving time for social media or website administrators. In addition to making customer service more efficient, marketing specialists provide specific content to generate new potential customers.

Content creation: Artificial intelligence is an indispensable tool for content marketers. Basically it is the guide to create highly personalized content that fits the tastes and preferences of the users, as well as ready to stand out among the search engine trends.

Personalization of email marketing: It is established to build closer communication with customers. It is a very important tool when you want to accompany and persuade the target audience. Marketers can use it to power their campaigns as AI provides accurate behavioral data and metrics.

Voice search: Today’s increasingly digitized users have changed their habits: they now feel more comfortable with voice recognition searches. In 2021, around 30% of searches they were done through the voice. Without a doubt, marketers should carry out their Voice Search Optimization with the help of virtual assistants who have deeper interactions and can obtain more relevant data about their interests.

Based on the above, Convertia reaffirms that artificial intelligence is key in the field of marketing to optimize strategies, stay ahead of the digital world and increase sales. Artificial intelligence technologies are currently necessary to establish better communication with customers, which positively impacts their experience with companies and drives them towards digital transformation.

It is very important that companies take advantage of these types of resources to increase their competitiveness and take another step towards success in marketing.

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