“More wins and fewer podiums”

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Mercedes arrives. In France he beat a Red Bull on the track and in Hungary, both Ferraris. His extreme project, the W13, from which they have not backed down a single centimeter, even if the benefits did not arrive, is beginning to pay off. They are capable of signing a horrible Friday and then fighting for pole or victory. And with nine races yet to finish the season, it is a matter of time before Hamilton wins his, or that Russell makes his debut in this section against an increasingly comfortable Verstappen and one team who usually dances on the edge. How much is left for that first win, Toto? Wolff, rather more cautiously than his counterparts on the grid, replies to AS: “I don’t know, I don’t want to say that suddenly we are back and we can win races because I don’t think that is the case. We did well in Budapest, but I don’t think we are close enough to Red Bull and Ferrari to fight them. A lot of learning”.

They add podiums in nine races out of 13, with the two drivers in the top-3 of Paul Ricard and the Hungaroring. They are already just 30 points behind Ferrari’s second place in constructors. “The second is the first of the losers, being second in the constructors is not relevant compared to being at the front, developing the car and winning races on its own merits, beating Red Bull and Ferrari and focusing on next year. I would prefer more wins and fewer podiums.” “We are humble, but we are hungry for victories, more than second and third”, says an ambitious Wolff, not very conformist.

“There are times when we expected to have gone faster, and it wasn’t like that”

And it is that Mercedes progresses compared to its start of the season, but it is still very far from the performance to which it was accustomed in the previous seven years. In fact, he admits mistakes without shame: “At least we are already in the same race (than Red Bull and Ferrari). But Lewis, without the DRS problem, would have fought for the win. But he would not count in this sport. One hundred percent team error, the DRS must not fail in the last qualifying lap and that may cost us the victory”. At least they were right with the strategy: “I don’t know what led Ferrari to discard the soft (at the exit) or not use the medium, it cost them a win. It is always more difficult to race in front and get it right, because Red Bull made decisions that, being in front, are more difficult to make”.

“Both drivers have contributed to improve the car this season. Whether it’s for second place or 14th in free practice, both are fine, rational and working on every detail, even if the fundamental problem is bigger. On a Hungarian Friday, on such a bad day, (Lewis) showed leadership in the meeting and kept positivity all around. Two drivers, at such different times in their racing career, are a tremendous force in keeping everyone’s expectations high”, explains the 50-year-old Austrian leader, still searching for answers: “It’s not that we don’t have a clue about why the car is fast, but there are times when we expected to have had more potential during the season, and we didn’t. We are going to wait and see where this goes.”

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