Morocco fires Halilhodzic and prevents him from fulfilling a historical record

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Vahid Halilhodzic could be the only coach who has managed four different teams in a World Cup. He did not do it with the Ivory Coast in 2010 after qualifying for the African team, nor with Japan in 2018 after closing the passport and, now, he will not do it with Morocco in Qatar after collecting a new dismissal. The only time he has been able to sit on the bench at a World Cup event was in 2014 when he coached Algeria in Brazil.

The temperament of the Bosnian coach has been facing the leaders of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) for months, who are not very likely to have patience with foreign figures within their technical team. He has passed, for example, with Spanish coaches from their lower categories who have seen how the federation terminated their contracts without much explanation.

Halilhodzic leaves Morocco after three years in charge due to “divergences” in the way of preparing the team from the north of Africa for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The FRMF said in a statement that “Due to a divergence in views between the FRMF and the coach for the proper preparation of the Atlas Lions for the final phase of the World Cup Qatar 2022, the two parties agreed to separate from friendly manner.”

The two parties have been very respectful in parting their ways. Halilhodzic has been one of the coaches The highest paid in Africa and his knowledge of football has served to empower a team that has an extraordinary generation of footballers from whom the country expects a good image in Qatar.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation also confirms that it “will mobilize all means” to guarantee a “good preparation” of the national team for the big event in November. Behind these words would be an important offer to Walid Regragui, coach of Qatar’s Al-Duhail SC and champion of the Asian Champions in 2022 to take charge of the Atlas lions in the previous months of preparation.

Although Regragui was born in France, he was international with Morocco and is the one chosen by president Fauzi Lakjaa to close the circle and that everything at home at such an important moment for the team in a World Cup season and Africa Cup of Nations in June.

The preparation and play of Morocco will be an important objective, but even more so to win back figures like Ziyech who refused to play for his country due to disagreements with Halilhodzic. This situation was the one that unleashed the anger of the fans on social networks against the Bosnian to force his dismissal.

Now Morocco is looking at Qatar after having fired the coach on whom it has built the World Cup classification. We will have to wait to find out if the FRMF has paid Halilhodzic some amount by way of compensation o Lakjaa has kept his word not to spend a “dirham” on the dismissal of the Bosnian.

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