“My heart belongs to Cuba, but I knew I had to leave there to grow”

Anne of Arms she is one of the actresses of the moment thanks her role as Marilyn Monroe in the film Blonde which has launched her even more to fame, although when she started in the world of acting she could not imagine that she would reach this point in her career.

“My heart belongs to Cuba, but I knew I had to leave there to grow. I was always aware of the very low ceiling that Cuban artists and people in general unfortunately have. I knew I had more to do, more to learn”, the actress confessed in a recent interview for AnOther.

“I grew up watching everything from titanica until terminatorbut I always knew that reality was very far from my reality. Children in the United States believe that they can be princesses because you can buy a princess dress and a princess crown and become one. I never had that. I didn’t even know what an apple tasted like,” de Armas told that publication.

His childhood and adolescence in Santa Cruz del Norte and in Havana was like that of many Cuban children; as he recalled for AnOther: “You’re in a country where you don’t have much contact with the world, you’re in a kind of bubble. But somehow that makes you focus on life and friendships instead of all the noise.”

“I grew up barefoot, running on the rocks by the beach, swimming. My friends and I put on plays for the neighbors. I had a thing for climbing lamp posts and trees, and was obsessed with rescuing street cats and dogs – all Every day I came back with a new animal and it drove my mother crazy,” added the actress

Living and studying in the capital of the island at the National School of Art, she was able to play, at only 16 years old, a teenager who wanted to leave Cuba in the film A rose from France. However, at school they disapproved of students entering the world of work.

“But I didn’t care. In my opinion, there was no better school than a film set. So I did both: I often fell asleep in class, but I caught up with what I missed,” said Ana de Armas. .

The now Hollywood star found her first references in her homeland: “Cuban actors were more identifiable with me -Daisy Granados, Isabel Santos, Verónica Lynn- those were the actors I admired. I thought she would be doing that, not Marilyn.”

She left the island for Spain, even without finishing her degree, for the same reason as many Cubans, trying to find a better future: “Being alone in Spain was very hard. It never crossed my mind to return, but it was difficult. I had never been anywhere else before and it was a huge culture shock. To be honest, I started eating sweets, chocolate and donuts, everything I never had when I was younger.”

In the Iberian country he achieved great popularity with his performance in the series The intershipbut there came a time when she felt stuck and pigeonholed in teenage roles, and decided to continue to the United States, where challenges were not lacking, seeing herself alone again and with the language barrier in the middle.

Minor roles would come later until reaching other more important ones as in Blade Runner 2049, deep water Y his recent leading role in The Gray Manbut the road there was long and difficult, especially for being a Cuban, a Latina trying to succeed in the big movie industry.

Perhaps to look back, to his beginnings, when he was asked years later to audition to play Marilyn Monroe, He thought it was “pretty surreal”, but he wanted to take on that challenge and the answer to whether it was worth it is in sight.

There may be criticism, but there are plenty of praise for Ana de Armas, who has undoubtedly come far, much more than she once could have imagined or even dreamed of.

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