Nacho’s most difficult year

After the first part of the season, which has consisted of the first nine games before the national team break, You can already see that this campaign is going to be complicated for Nacho Fernándezthe all-rounder of Real Madrid’s defense whom the white market this summer has left in a difficult situation. After the signing of Rüdiger, who arrived for free from ChelseaNacho has become the fourth in the rotation of the center of defense.

You just have to take a look at the minute count of the four white central defenders (Vallejo apart; he knows he doesn’t count, but he preferred to stay in Madrid despite it): Praise takes 713 minutes; Military, 495′; Rudiger, 445′; and Nacho, 211 ‘. Ancelotti made it clear in preseason that he did not want to break up the Alaba-Militao couple, which won the League-Champions double last year, but at the same time feels obliged to give minutes as soon as possible to Rüdiger, a strategic signing of the club to reinforce the defense. In this process, Nacho runs out of space, although Carletto shows that he holds him in high esteem and for the moment he has already given him two starts.

Nacho’s future

But Nacho knows that what will probably be his most difficult season at Real Madrid is coming, at least in recent years, in which he had managed to establish himself as a third central defender and play quite regularly. Ancelotti himself already gave him several compliments last year: “He has the ability to be focused for 90 minutes. Not all defenders can do it. There are two types of defenses in the world, the optimist and the pessimist. He is pessimistic because he thinks someone can fail And that’s why he’s so focused.” Nacho’s best asset for this course, in any case, is once again his versatility, his ability to play in all four defensive positions. In a marked campaign Due to the extremely tight calendar and the World Cup in Qatar, this versatility can give Nacho the minutes that, at the moment, are not reaching the defender.

And to all this, the man from Alcalá faces what could be his last season in Madrid. His contract ends in June 2023 and by then he will be 33 years old. But it is unlikely, as talks between the club and the player’s representatives have already begun with a view to a potential renewal.. There is no rush, because the intention of both parties is to continue and they know that the agreement can be finalized at the end of the course, as other players have already done. Modric is the best example.

The agreement, when announced, will be for one season, until June 2024. And in Madrid they do not close the door to an indefinite continuity, as long as Nacho maintains the level, something that, as has been seen so far this season, happens to spare. He has a poster in several foreign countries, especially in Italy: Juventus, Rome and Naples have come to look for him several times. Sevilla also made an attempt two summers ago, but Nacho is clear: if he leaves, he does not want to play in Spain, where he would have to face his Real Madrid regularly.

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