Nagore Robles speaks about the rumors of a relationship with Dulceida

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Nagore Robles is one of the Mediaset collaborators most loved by viewers. That is why the television has a large community of fans on social networks such as Instagram where it has more than 1 million followers. On this platform, the Basque woman is in permanent contact with all of them, making them participants in each of her plans.

In full summer vacation, it has been possible to see Sandra Barneda’s ex accompanied on numerous occasions by Aida Domenech, better known as ‘Dulceida’. Both have shared various content on social networks where the great complicity that exists between them can be seen. A connection that has quickly caught the attention of their fans, setting off all the alarms about a possible romance. That is why Nagore Robles has come out against these speculations.

“A mess with Dulceida?” One of his followers asks him very directly. The contestant force of ‘Big Brother’ responds forcefully. “I understand that two well-known lesbians together have a lot of curiosity and interest,” he begins by saying next to a photograph where the influencer and the television are seen. “But I’m sorry to disappoint you. You will have to find another novel this year, ”she adds.

a different summer

Nagore Robles is enjoying this summer in a very different way from the previous ones, without Sandra Barneda. Both decided to end their relationship earlier this year after giving themselves a second chance at love. “To avoid speculation and defamatory news about us, we have mutually decided to communicate that we have not been a couple for a few months. We take separate paths, but always wishing each other the best, ”they said on their social networks.

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