National Humor Prize awarded to Mario Aguirre

The National Humor Award was awarded this year to the Cuban actor mario aguirreaward that distinguishes his outstanding artistic career of more than 55 years.

The decision of the jury made up of theater figures and art critics in the country was announced at a press conference on the next 26 Coven Festival of Humoroccasion in which the comedian will receive recognition.

After hearing the news, Aguirre, 74, said that he had been nominated for the award for years but “sometimes things come when they have to come,” and he expressed satisfaction and gratitude at feeling loved by the people and his colleagues.

“I want to recognize three people, who without them I would not have received this award: Edwin Fernández, my role model as a comedy actor since I was 18 and 19 years old and we acted together; Héctor Quintero, writer and theater director, who helped me to develop the characters that I was inventing and created others for me, and Lolina Cuadras, television director, who opened the doors for me in stellar spaces of humor”, said the actor.

Born in 1948, Mario Rodriguez Aguirre -who adopted Mario Aguirre as his artistic name- has ventured into cinema, radio, television and theater, where he had his main training at the hands of notable Cuban playwrights.

In his beginnings in the theater, he had the guidance of Elvira Cervera, acting teacher for children, and Roberto Garriga, founder of television, whom he thanks for his training as an actor, as he acknowledged in an interview published on the website of the Performing Arts Artistic Agency.

Later, he was part of Teatro Estudio, under the direction of Vicente Revuelta, winner of the National Theater Award. In his 12 years in the group, he had directors such as Berta Martínez, Héctor Quintero, José Milián, Raquel Revuelta, Armando Suárez del Villar, and later moved to the Musical Theater of Havana, where he also progressed as a comedian and singer.

Known for his versatility in playing both dramatic and humorous characters, he is considered by critics as one of the most recognized representatives of musical theater.

Aguirre embodied iconic characters such as Athanasius Pindueles, of great popular acceptance and that made so many Cubans laugh. In an interview with the journalist Digna Rosa Perez Morejon After the award was announced, he commented that this character transcended in such a way that new generations of Cubans call him by the name of Atanasio without having known him.

According to his testimony, he became a comedian “by accident”, but his dream was to be a great actor and interpret works of Shakespeare, by Tennessee Williams, he revealed.

In 2019 he was awarded the Act Award for Life’s Work.

Artists, critics and other Cuban artistic personalities reacted with pleasure upon learning of the award to the actor. The dramatist Norge Espinosa He believed that with Mario Aguirre the National Humor Award also extends to musical theater, “that expression that is sometimes so neglected.” The writer and theater director said that with the proclamation of this award “an act of justice has been done” because , according to his words, he had long deserved that recognition.

Capture of Facebook / Norge Espinosa

“Both in theater and on television, cabaret and other media, Mario Aguirre has been faithful to his commitment to humor, which he ‘stole’ from him, despite the fact that he dreamed of being a great and very talented actor. severe classics,” Espinosa wrote in his emotional text.

Other personalities from the world of humor echoed the congratulations to Aguirre.

Capture of Facebook / Otto Ortiz

Otto Ortiz, who acknowledged having received the news of the laurel with great satisfaction, said about Aguirre that he is “an inexhaustible source of anecdotes” and commented that “sharing with him is guaranteed joy; he dominates the scene like few comedians can and he comes from the very difficult musical theater”.

In a tribute made by the ICRT last year on Aguirre’s birthday, he was described as an “authentic actor” for his way of taking on “poetry, song, even declamation.”

The National Humor Award has been awarded before figures such as the artist Juana Bacallao, the Cuban painter, caricaturist and cartoonist Arístides Hernández (Ares) and the humorist Octavio Rodriguez (Churrisco), among other.


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