neither Valve nor Blizzard are spared from disasters

The leaks They seem like our daily bread. Many of us can perhaps say that the idea of ​​a hacker on the other side waiting for the perfect moment to “attack” is something relatively modern, but it is not. The leaks they have been common in video game almost since its origin, and it is something that has been evolving and increasing as it has established itself as a capital entertainment medium. For this reason, today we want to rescue those leaks that left us looking foolish due to the spectacular nature of their situation, or made us bite our nails due to the possible consequences that it would have.

StarCraft 2 and the end of its first DLC

star craft 2 it is synonymous with quality within Blizzard, but it’s also about fear, panic and a big problem that the team had to face 2 years before the release of Heart of the Swarm. The base game was released in 2010, and that same year, just a week before release, the full ending cinematic for this expansion was leaked. At that time, Blizzard did not know when it could be launched on the market, but it was anticipated that it would arrive in 2012, only that the end was brought forward because of a hacker.

Full Leaked Half-Life 2 Source Code

It has rained a lot, a lot since the arrival of half-life 2the magnum opus of a Valve panicking at number 3. The situation in 2003 was very different from what it is now, with studies much less sophisticated when it comes to keeping secrets, but a German hacker dared to completely leak the source code of the game in an archaic internet. What does this mean? Basically it is the base, the pillars and what makes a game work. Although we have already told you about it at length, it was a huge blow for Valve only 5 months after the launch of the game on the market that forced to delay the game 1 year.

The case of The Last of Us Part 2 and how the internet burned

The Last of Us Part 2 It’s not on PC, we know, but its first installment is. is advertised for this platform and under the subtitle of Part 1, hopefully Sony doesn’t miss the opportunity to come full circle with its sequel. This does not mean that we are facing a “lady leak” 2 months after its premiere. naughty dog I can’t delay it, I had already spent that letter because of the pandemicso they quickly ran important plot details without restriction and with a spectacular voracity. The importance of this saga and certain details of its history that we are not going to comment on here, set the networks on fire, causing even those who did not want to know anything to end up finding out everything.

GeForce NOW and the blunder that nobody believed

One of the most notorious leaks and for which no one has yet taken responsibility, as far as we know. The arrival of NVIDIA’s service on PC was anticipated as a shock to a Microsoft that was looking to profit from its cloud service, but with it came a huge article with dozens of future releases. Why did NVIDIA have this? The truth is that we are talking about advanced work, and it is that NVIDIA, at that time, was signing collaboration contracts with different companies that secretly shared future releases that would reach the platform. What was laughed at first, with names like Kingdom Hearts 4 either Dragon’s Dogma 2as well as a Kratos coming to PC, has turned out to be real, although the dates do not agree.

The full game of Yakuza 6 disguised as a demo

The case of Yakuza 6, the “end” of Kazuma Kiryu’s adventure, was certainly puzzling and hilarious. The situation began with a demo that SEGA shared on the PlayStation Store for fans to delight in the end of this story arc. The problem came when you hit download and a strange message appeared indicating a weight of 36.53 gigabytes. Almost 40 Gb for a demo is huge, but there was “catch” here. Someone at SEGA shared the entire game with little invisible walls that players quickly got around. Although the Japanese managed to bring down the demo, this led to a last minute delay of 1 month until April 2018.

Duke Nukem Forever and the game that could not be

In this case, we are not talking about a pre-launch leak or a slip by some clueless studio member, but about a “What If?” Duke Nukem Forever it was good. In cases like this, major studios are often compromised, but the Gearbox disaster didn’t kill off the team, though it did give people something to talk about. In May of this year leaked on 4chan a very early version of the game. But why is it important? Because DNF was never the disaster that we received, but in 2001, the game seemed do justice to the license.

Mass Effect 3, its leaked script and BioWare’s response

The end of the BioWare trilogy had 2 problems: to satisfy a community of players that had “ascended to the heavens”—going for the drama—with Mass Effect 2while facing a leak of his script 4 months before. We have already seen leaking details of the story, some like The Last of Us Part 2 with serious gaps to fill, but a Russian website leaked the script in its preliminary version with many details that ended up in the final game. A setback that since BioWare tried to dilute stating that it could be a “positive benefit because it would get more people to try the game.”

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