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Among the plans you have the Neoris company In the region, it stands out to continue helping large companies, from different sectors, in their digital transformation. As well as continue expanding its product portfolio.

In an interview with José ‘Lolo’ Longinotti, the company’s global managing director, the executive spoke about the company’s new partner, in addition to the main challenge in the sector.

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How does Neoris work and since when have they been operating?

Neoris began operating 20 years ago, with the Cemex Group, our main shareholder, with the aim of digitally transforming the business. Although we initially worked with Cemex, over the years we began to diversify our portfolio, specializing in different industries.

It should be noted that from the outset we were an independent company focused on digital transformation services.

Now they have a new shareholder; what is this ad about?

We are a technology company that wants to positively impact all industries. Cemex, our main shareholder, had its focus on the cement business and its decision was to incorporate a partner that had the necessary agility in the technology industry, such as the Advent International Fund. This private equity fund, one of the largest in the world, owns and has equity participation in many technology companies and also has capital available to invest. So that’s how this fund bought 65% of the company. It should be noted that the Cemex Group continues to maintain its participation and its commitment to 35%.

What are the services they offer?

We focus on the digital transformation of our clients with a focus on the industry, that is, we are organized by verticals. One of those lines focuses on financial services. Likewise, we are focused on the manufacturing industry, where we have a lot of experience. In addition, we work with the telecommunications and retail industry, where we have been growing, among others.

Now, we develop software of all kinds, we carry out application maintenance, we also focus on data management and including technologies in processes such as artificial intelligence. In addition to automating processes within companies.

How many clients do you have in the country?

Our focus is on large and global companies. In the case of Colombia, we work in the financial sector with BBVA and Bancolombia. In the telecommunications part we have clients such as ETB and Claro. Part of our strategy is to work with few clients, but have a deep understanding of their business.

How are you seeing local talent?

Colombia, mainly, is functioning as a talent hub. The Colombian talent and the value we found is very good. Currently this country has been standing out for the export of services and for its talent.

What is the biggest challenge you identify?

The biggest challenge that we identify today as an industry is talent. There is a global shortage of talent that is very pronounced. Without a doubt, we could sell more if we had more focused talent, for example, in development.

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How do you see the investment of companies in digital transformation?

All companies need to invest in their transformation and cannot stop investing in technology. Although the percentages vary a lot, I can say that today a CEO does not cut back on investment in technology. Without a doubt, both executives and boards of directors are understanding and embracing the technology.

What expectations do you have for the coming months?

The focus for the second semester is to continue with our alliances, learning more about our clients and continue looking for the best talent. In addition, we are going to continue growing in Latin America and we are also acquiring a company in the United States.



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