New book reveals Trump’s shady dealings

A new book reveals details of Donald Trump’s previously unknown business practices, including being paid in gold bullion shipped directly to his apartment in New York’s Trump Tower.

The former president’s business practices, many of which promise to shock readers, are contained in a book by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, obtained exclusively by CNN.

Haberman reveals new details about Trump’s dealings in the New York real estate world and goes beyond them. He ranges from threatening a magazine owner who was preparing to report on his “inflated net worth” to claiming his businesses must have interacted “with the mob” at times.

Meanwhile, other Trump business practices are under intense investigation in the wake of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s sweeping lawsuit against him, some of his children and his company, alleging dozens of fraudulent financial activities that the former president used to enrich himself.

Haberman writes that Trump occasionally received portions of lease payments in cash.

The book revealed that a tenant once sent the tycoon a box containing dozens of gold bricks to cover the cash portion of the parking lot rent for the General Motors building in Manhattan, which Trump had bought in 1998.

Trump told his aides that he didn’t know what to do with the gold bullion, according to Haberman. In the end, he asked Matt Calamari, a former security guard turned chief operating officer of the Trump Organization, to deliver the bullion to his Trump Tower apartment.

It is unclear what happened to the gold bricks. An attorney for Calamari declined to comment, and Haberman writes that Trump called it “a fantasy.”

Haberman’s book, “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America,” is due out Oct. 4.

It includes an examination of Trump’s trajectory in the New York business world, as well as his presidency and the aftermath of his 2020 loss to Joe Biden.

Haberman, a political analyst for CNN, is a longtime New York-based reporter who has worked for two New York newspapers, covering Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

She was also tasked with covering Trump’s years in the White House for The New York Times.

Haberman writes that Trump’s financial situation at his company was often more precarious than people realized, according to former officials.

At one point, Trump is said to have borrowed several million dollars from Trump Organization executive George Ross, according to Haberman.

Ross acknowledged to the author that he loaned Trump money, but insisted it was to “cover a situation that was resolved very quickly” and not for payroll expenses.

In another episode, Haberman writes that Trump threatened to go public with rumors that Malcolm Forbes, the late owner of Forbes magazine, was gay, as the magazine prepared to report that the tycoon’s net worth was far less than he claimed. publicly.

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