Nexus Blitz will not return with Spirit Blossom and URF will

To date, League of Legends has a total of 18 game modes different ones that have been added over time, although many of them are not used and can be considered extinct.

With this variety of modes, everything would indicate that Riot uses many of them in the different LoL events throughout the year, but no; This 2022 they have only used two: URF and the Ultimate Spell Book.

They are fast modes, which are liked and attract attention due to the variety of champions that can be played and the games that are so fun, but community she’s a little tired of them.

And it is that many users were convinced that in the event of Spirit Blossom of 2022 we were going to have back Nexus Blitza mode that fits perfectly with the series of skins coming out and the event itself.

r/leagueoflegends - Apparently, the Spirit Blossom event game mode will be URF.

Nevertheless, Riot Maxw3ll has confirmed that the mode URF will soon be available on PBE again, somewhat confirming that it will be the main mode in Spirit Blossom.

Many new players will not have even tried Nexus Blitz, which despite everything is one of the most loved modes and, with a twist, maybe it was played more in PvE and PvP mode.

Maybe this is a bait from Riot and we do have Nexus Blitz, or maybe before the end of the year there will be a special event for it, but so far to this day, the community is a little pissed off that URF is coming back.


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