Neymar and Bruna Biancardi break their relationship

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The idyll between Neymar and Bruna Biancardi has come to an end. This has been confirmed by the Brazilian model after several days of much speculation, especially in the media of her country where they pointed to a possible “betrayal” by the footballer during his vacation in Rio de Janeiro. However, the young woman denies this alleged disloyalty. “We haven’t been together for a while,” he says.

Through her Instagram profile, Bruna Biancardi explains to her almost two million followers that there was no type of betrayal in the couple. “I have always been very involved in my own thing, you know, but since they are all the time getting into gossip, I prefer to make it clear here that I have not been in a relationship for a while”, he begins by saying. “Don’t believe everything that appears out there. I am very fond of him and all of his family. Please stop involving my name. Thank you”, concludes the 25-year-old Brazilian.

The truth is that Neymar hasn’t worn his engagement ring for more than a month. This ring disappeared from the player’s hand on July 3 when he was seen at a dinner with Gabriel Medina. It was at that precise moment that all the alarms began to go off about what could be happening in the couple.

Many rumors in Brazil

Bruna’s confirmation comes after both she and the PSG footballer made countless headlines in the Brazilian media. And it is that ‘Extra Online’ came to publish last Wednesday that the model would have discovered a “betrayal” that allegedly occurred when she was sleeping in the player’s mansion. “A few days later, she found out that he had been with a girl at that party and decided to break up right then and there. Bruna collected her things and left as soon as it was dawn ”they were saying.

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