Niantic Brings AR Experiences to the Browser with Lightship VPS for Web

MADRID, 23 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

Niantic has announced Lightship VPS for Weba new tool that translates its position and orientation system to WebAR content, which is now available together with the 8th Wall platform.

Lightship VPS is a third-party system developed by Niantic that determines the position and orientation of the augmented reality user (RA). The company introduced it in May, during its Lightship Summit conference.

This technology allows you to create immersive experiences with content anchored in the real worldfor which it allows to determine where in the real world they are and their orientation both at the moment of starting the experience and as they move through it.

Now, Niantic has announced Lightship VPS for Web, which is already available for the 8th Wall platform, specialized in the development of web AR content, as reported on his official blog. Prior to this announcement, the company has held a private beta with some production studios.

“Is browser based technologythe first of its kind, connects the real world with the digital by anchoring WebAR content to locations and allowing virtual objects to interact with the space in which they are, “explain from Niantic.

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