Nicki Minaj plays with double meanings in ‘Super Freaky Girl’, her new single

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Nicki Minaj has published the single Super Freaky Girl, that it’s already a successespecially among TikTok users, who have shown a lot of support for this new song by the rapper with a challenge on the platform.

This new song is one of the most sexually explicit of the artist, moreover, in one of the verses, Nicky Minaj asks her lover not to have any qualms about playing with her body, since, in the case of losing it forever, he will end up missing it a lot. less, constantly playing with double meanings.

Super Freak Samples

The song Super Freaky Girl uses a samples of the famous theme Rick James from 1981 called super freakHowever, the Nicky Minaj theme is not the only known single that has used the basis of this song.

In 1990, MC Hammer released the single U can’t touch this. This theme has been considered for many years the artist’s signature song. hammer had legal disputes with Rick James for the use of the base for his music but they reached an agreement and Rick James appears in the credits of the song.

Another artist who has used the base of the Rick James theme is Lily Allen in the subject Hard Out Here.

Nicki Minaj’s success

Nicki Minaj has commented that it will premiere Super Freaky Girl live on August 28 at the MTV Music Awards where she is nominated in the category of best hip hop artist, she will also receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award in tribute to his musical career.

As if that were not enough, the artist announced that she is preparing a documentary series about his life which will have 6 chapters, will be called Nicki and “will be released soon”.

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