Nicolás Jaar shares new material in an innovative way

A few weeks ago, the Chilean-American musician Nicholas Jaar shared new material through Telegram in advance of his next project. The surprise release consisted of two audio files that, apparently, are part of a larger work that has not been revealed so far.

Through a post on his Instagram account and without further explanation, the artist posted a link with the name “Radio Piedras Archive” which addressed a group within the Telegram application. Inside, this chat contained two documents: “archive_de_radio_piedras 001” and “archive_de_radio_piedras 002”. In them, Jaar’s voice is the protagonist, where he narrates changing intensity and personality, as well as conversing with himself and with others.

“It’s not an album per se, I like to call it ‘sound fiction’, because there are many more layers than the purely musical one. It is not structured like the usual logic and I have tried to find other channels where to share this. I did not want to do it in the traditional ones, I am more interested in encouraging the creation of new meeting points and dialogue”, explained Jaar in a statement.

The work reveals an imagery where poetry, dramaturgy and music intersect, mix and blur in a sound fiction.full of meta-narratives, times that travel back, forward, here and now, building a memory that recognizes its past, present and the various possibilities of the future.

As reported, in the next few days new installments of the project will be released. Each fragment will be part of a larger sound fiction, where “the ghosts of history, the social events of the present and the ideas of tomorrow come together to create a space that oscillates between the poetic, narrative, dramaturgical and musical, reflecting on a world that has exploded and where the old ways fall before the new life forms“.

Nicholas Jar. Photo: Stéphanie Janaina / Courtesy of the press.

In relation to the artist, a few months ago we told you that Jaar had launched an initiative under the name of barking, an open call for American electronic music producers. The program aims to explore the concepts of noise, presence and belonging, and its 2022 edition will focus on the question “what does it mean to be from here?”inviting its participants to reflect on what constitutes them as subjects that coexist and interact in this part of the world.

To be part of the artist’s community and to be able to listen to each of the documents published up to the moment of “File_of_radio_stones”you can enter the Telegram group created by Jaar via this link.

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